Friday, May 25, 2012

30 Weeks

I always think of lots of things to write about as the days go by, but when I take the time to sit down and type, I can't really think of anything. Must be this pregnancy brain thing. I put our dog's measuring spoon somewhere but could not find it anywhere. I eventually found it in your brother's pool bag. Not sure what it was doing in there. I also lost the medicine Mickey needs for his allergies. No clue where that went. It has been a trying time remembering things!

I went to the doctor the other day and I heard your heartbeat again. I was worried you were not moving all that much but the doctor said if you move at least 12 times a day, you are fine. You definitely move 12 or more times a day. Usually when I am trying to sleep or do nothing. This past weekend I was in a lot of pain. I felt like I had been kicked in the ribs. I called the doctors office. They did not have any idea what it could be since there were no other symptoms. Just pain. Perhaps you put your foot in my rib? It was really bad all weekend but it got better as the days went by. It still hurts, but not nearly like it did over the weekend.

The newest thing you have are the hiccups. I felt them for the first time when I was out to dinner with my friends. They all have kids so I asked what I was feeling and they said it was the hiccups. In a week, you have had them 4 times. It is a funny feeling!

Some old pregnancy symptoms have returned. Heartburn and nausea being two of them. I hate it! I am also still swelling and still annoyed at how many people tell me that! Daddy and I go to Hawaii on Monday (well, you are coming along as well) and I am really hoping I do ok on the long flight. This is the last airplane trip for a long time! It is hard to believe you will be here in two months. Please be a good baby and enjoy sleep. That would be great.

Still have not had a chance to do a picture with the board lately. Here are some pictures of me at Aunt Megan and Uncle Tyler's wedding 2 weeks ago. Note to self: Dancing to Footloose at 28 weeks pregnant was not the best idea.

You have started to respond to loud noises as well. The other night Daddy and I went to see the Super Heroes movie, The Avengers. I know Daddy loves Super Heroes and I am sure you will too, but that kind of movie is so not my thing. It was very loud and I had never felt you move more! Every time there was a loud noise, you kicked or punched me. I am also starting to feel you flip. Let's just hope you are in the right position when it is time to come into this world.

Daddy has been helping out a lot around the house and that has been a big relief. I appreciate the help so much! Cleaning is getting harder and harder so I need to let go of the fact that the floors needs to be clean all the time. At least the laundry is getting done, and the main things are clean.

Your baby shower is coming up soon. We have already received some nice presents from people. Grandpa and Grandma got you your stroller and the extra base for Daddy's car. Yesterday the video monitored came and it was also from them. It was a nice surprise!  Nana and Papa buy you things all the time too! You have a new high chair ready for when you can use it, a good supply of diapers, clothes, bedding, etc. You are lucky to have so many people that love you!

We are not able to have another ultrasound until we are 36 weeks along. Daddy and I wish we could see where you are at!  The doctors office charges $500 or more. We thought about going back to the 4D place to see how you have grown but I am not sure if we will do that. I can't wait to see what you look like!

I am starting to get more and more anxiety about your arrival. Will I know when it is time to go to the hospital? How will delivery be? What kind of baby will you be? So many questions. We might take a birthing class to calm some of my fears but I am not sure about that either. I just hope you are a happy and healthy baby!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

28 Weeks

Your mother is not normally someone who is filled with anger, but lately, anger is a common emotion. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it is when complete strangers tell me I am HUGE. Yesterday I went to get a massage and the lady asked, "Are you SURE you are not having twins?" Yes but thanks for pointing it out. My clothes are not fitting and I really do not want to buy more things since there are only 2.5 months left. Finding something to wear for your Aunt Megan's wedding this weekend was a challenge. I bought lots of things and then returned them all. I felt like a circus tent.

Two weeks ago I went to your Aunt Noelle's house to work on my scrapbook. When I got home there was a note on the counter:

When we went to Disneyland in January, Daddy bought me a Mickey Mouse doll and a Minnie Mouse doll. Both were embroidered with Baby Forrest 2012 on it. He got me one of each because we did not know if you were a boy or a girl. The note was telling me to go check on Baby Forrest-aka: Mickey Mouse doll.

While I was gone, Daddy, Camden, Torrin, Nana, Papa and your cousin Mikaya put together your room for me. It was a nice surprise. Here is a pic of the before:

Here are some pics of the after. Nothing is on the walls yet, you still need curtains, and I need to wash the bedding and put it all together.

I need to get a chair for me to nurse you in. It is weighing heavily on my mind because they are pricey! I was uncertain about the color of your room. It is growing on me. When Camden saw it he said, "Oooooh, is that Robin's Egg Blue?" Too funny. 

Your brothers are taking more of an interest of you. Camden talks to you by name, and the other day when I said you were kicking me, Torrin yelled, "Stop kicking my stepmom!" Camden always wants to feel you move but whenever he touches my belly, you stop. The other night I had Daddy push on my belly and you kicked. I was expecting a sweet moment but he thought it was weird :) It is weird feeling you kick me but it lets me know you are doing ok. 

You don't move as much as most babies so I told the doctor that when I went in on Friday for my blood test. She had me get hooked up to the monitors in a big comfy chair:

Every time I felt you move, I had to hit a button. For awhile you weren't doing much, but then they gave me some juice and you moved a little more. They said everything was fine. That same day I had my gestational diabetes test and was certain I had it, but they just called and I don't! I don't know if I have ever been so happy to have passed a test before!

This weekend Daddy, Camden and Torrin decided to put together your stroller and car seat.

Daddy was pretty proud of himself when it was completed:

It's nice to know that is finished. It is also so great that we are getting things from people like a Bumbo seat and a bathtub. This way we don't have to buy those things!

Lately I have been very uncomfortable. I wasn't sleeping well so my doctor gave me Ambien which is a gift from Heaven! Seriously amazing. She said it is safe so lets hope she knows what she is talking about! My sciatic pain is bad, I can't breathe all that well and the Carpal Tunnel is so severe, they want me to go see a hand surgeon. I can't feel my fingers and there are just sharp shooting pains up and down my arms and in my wrists. I really hope this goes away after you arrive.

It is hard to believe there are only 12 more weeks to go. I wish I could have an ultrasound so I know what you look like now, but they won't do that unless there is something wrong.

Tomorrow Daddy and I are off to Hilton Head South Carolina for Aunt Megan's wedding weekend. Be kind to me :)