Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are you in there?

I am having a really hard time believing I am pregnant. I have no sign of any sickness whatsoever so that makes me a little nervous. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones. I HATE throwing up more than anything-it scares me and causes me to have panic attacks. They say it starts around week 5. Well, we are on week 7 and so far.....nothing. The only symptoms I have is I am suddenly very tired and I am insanely hungry all the time. You also make me go pee a lot. Sad, but true. That is really an inconvenience, so I would appreciate that you would stop. :)

I was in awe to learn that you have already had three sets of kidneys in your short lifespan. This week you have your final set of kidneys that will be with you your whole life. You are also 10,000 times bigger than you were at conception and your brain cells are producing at 100 cells a minute. No wonder I am tired!

I made a sign to hold up for when I start taking weekly pictures of my belly. I feel like you can tell that I am pregnant but people have been telling me I look like I lost weight. I am thankful for elastic pants because you are making it hard to button my pants!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Telling Your Great Grandparents

On Friday, we arrived in Lake Tahoe. We had just got there and Daddy was talking to Great Grandpa and Great Grandma and he simply said, "You know, Dani is pregnant." I was surprised he just said it but later he told me he did it because it was just the four of us. They said Congratulations and were excited for us. They are wonderful people!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

California Trip

Daddy and I flew to Sacramento, California on Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving with Grandpa and Susan. We did not tell them when we arrived since we did not get to see them for that long. We decided to wait. That night we picked up Aunt Megan and almost Uncle Tyler (they are getting married soon!) They were talking about going into the hot tub and grabbing a drink somewhere. Tyler got a new job so they talked about celebrating it. I said there is also something else to celebrate. I did not even have to say anything and Aunt Megan screamed. Both of them were really happy and excited. Daddy was happy at their reaction! Nothing compares to Nana and Papa's reaction, but it was a close second!

The next day we had something to do so we did not eat lunch until 3 p.m. You make me insanely hungry so I needed a snack. Grandpa kept saying we would eat soon, but I really needed food. I felt like a brat telling him I needed to go to a gas station to get something to eat and I wanted to tell him why, but we waited a little longer. At lunch we made a toast to Megan and Tyler. Daddy then finally spilled the beans. Grandpa smiled and nodded and said Congratulations. Susan did the same. I felt better knowing they knew! Up next, telling your Great Grandparents!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Telling the Girls

Your Mom (that would be me) met some great friends while in college. Alyssa, Carolyn, Kate and Tracy are their names and all of us, except for Alyssa (she lives in Georgia) met for lunch last weekend. Although it is soon, I told them. They were excited and happy for me. Carolyn called me the next day and said, "I am just calling to tell you that you are pregnant." She is silly like that! We are off to Sacramento today to go see Grandpa, Susan, Aunt Megan and soon to be Uncle Tyler. While their we will also tell your great grandparents. They are two of the greatest people and you are so lucky to have great grandparents!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Telling the Holder Family

On Tuesday we are going to visit your future Grandpa and Grandma Susan. While we are gone, Aunt Denise will be watching our adorable dog Mickey. I hope you love him as much as we do!
I may be crazy, but ever since we found out about you, Mickey always comes up to me and puts his head on my belly. He has never done this before. I wonder if he knows you are in there :) 

We took him up to Ft. Collins on Saturday. Aunt Denise and I sat around talking. I wondered how or when I should tell her. Daddy texted me awhile after we got there asking me if I told her yet. I said no. He said I should. So, as we sat there talking, I said, "Soooo, I am pregnant." She said, "Is that a good thing?" I did say it out of the blue and you will learn, I am not an excitable person so I was pretty blunt. I told her it was a good thing. She said congratulations, and then said, and I quote, "You are going to get SO big." She may have said huge but it was something along those lines. It was funny! She said she couldn't believe her baby sister is pregnant which I thought was sweet. We chatted about it for awhile, and then Quinn, my 16 year old nephew, came upstairs. Denise asked him how many people were on the couch. He said 2 and we said he was wrong. Someone (maybe me or Denise?!) said it was 3. He was confused, so I pointed to my belly. He said, "Really?" I did not expect a teenager to care but he seemed genuinely happy about it.  Ethan came up a few minutes later and we asked him the same question. He guessed wrong too, and I did the same thing and pointed to my belly. I think he said something like shut up, then "really?" I said yes, really. He said, "Cool." He also informed us if it is a boy and we don't name it Ethan he will never speak to us again. Love that kid. 

That night, we met Uncle Jeff for dinner. We asked him the same question and he also got the number wrong. We told him and he said that was not what he was expecting to hear. He shook our hands and said congratulations. 

The next morning Aunt Denise said she was thinking about how she had asked if it was a good thing and how I was going to get big. I said it was not a big deal and I did not think twice about it. She said I did not say it with "jazz hands" or excitement so she was wondering. I said it is a good thing, I just don't get excited about most things, and I want to be further along before I get excited. :)

Up next: telling Uncle Johnny.

Uncle Johnny and Aunt Noelle

Aunt Noelle is so excited to meet you! She said REALLY? and gave me a hug. She will be such a good Aunt to you!  I saw Uncle Johnny at school (your brothers go to the same school as their cousins) and I told him I was pregnant. His response was, "Do you know who the father is?" It was funny. He also said Congratulations and hugged me. He never hugs me so this was a big deal!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Telling Nana and Papa

I wanted to wait to share the news until Christmas Eve with Nana and Papa but Daddy could not wait. He wanted them to be the first to know. You are giving me terrible headaches (it is ok, I still love you) so   being overly creative and crafty was not possible. I decided to give Nana and Papa a gift at dinner that night....

We met them at the Outback for dinner. Nana asked me why I was not drinking-I said I had a headache. That was true, but I also can't drink since we found out about you. After they ordered their drinks, I told them we had a present for them. I told them that I could not wait until Christmas, and I wanted them to open it now. Nana asked me why I was giving her a gift early. I said she could use it for the holidays and I really wanted them to have it. She said it was heavy (which it was).

This is what was in the bag:

They opened it, and Nana said she did not need spaghetti sauce.  I told them to read it.  Papa said, "100% natural Prego, Heart Smart." We found this funny because he was not getting it.

Nana read it and she finally got it...

Papa was still confused so I said, "I am pregnant." The look of shock on their face was one I will never forget. Nana just kept saying, "Oh My God, Oh My God. I am in shock." She said she wanted to see me puking in the toilet so she would believe me. My Dad had no words.

It was something I will never forget. They said they thought it would take awhile (as did we) but I said it was the first try. Nana said I am a "Fertile Myrtle" like she was. I showed them the ring Daddy got me and told them the meaning behind it. Papa asked why Daddy's birthstone was bigger than mine and Nana said, "Because he got her pregnant on the first try." Funny!

Later on that night Nana sent me an email and said they were still in shock but thrilled. She also said to take care of myself because I am carrying precious cargo. It was very sweet. We all can't wait to meet you!

We are going to Ft. Collins this weekend so we will be telling Aunt Denise, Uncle Jeff, and your future cousins Quinn and Ethan!

Your First Bronco Game

Not only was it your first Bronco game, it was also Daddy's first non pre season game! You loved being in the club level seats. You enjoyed some prime rib before the game but of course we were STILL hungry so Daddy got us a pretzel. It is amazing how many times you make us go to the restroom! Here are some pictures from that night. The Broncos won the game! I think you were good luck!

Someday you could be a mini mascot-even if you are a girl! I want to be one too but I think I am too old. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Baby!

Yesterday, on November 16th, 2011 we found out we are expecting you in July! The positive test was in a Winnie the Pooh bag and I let Daddy open it to see the results. I just knew I was pregnant, but I was still a crying mess when I found out. Here are some pictures from the moment. Yes, we were in a parking lot.

I kept crying. Daddy asked if I was excited, but I blurted out that I was scared. I don't want anything to go wrong with you and being the terrible eater I am, I worry. I just hope everything goes well and you are perfect when we meet you in July.

I have not really noticed too many changes except my belly is puffier than usual. I am insanely hungry at all times, and I have been waking up at 4:30 a.m. for the past two days. I have a bad headache but I can't take anything for it. I have to cut out caffeine which worries me, but I can do it!

Daddy wanted to take me out to dinner lat night to celebrate but I already had plans with some friends. I want to tell everyone I am pregnant but I think it is too soon. I planned on waiting to tell Nana and Papa on Christmas Eve but I don't think that will work since I want to tell them. You are so lucky to have them as your grandparents. They are going to love you so much!

After I went out last night, I got home to something under the tree. I was very surprised:

A teddy bear was under the tree!

Very sweet of Daddy. No, he is not the best speller, but he loves us! 

I was not expecting anything under the sign!

Daddy loves jewelry (Which might be great for you if you are a girl!)

Bryan said it was your first teddy bear. That was so sweet! He loves rings so he got me one with his birthstone in the middle, my birthstone on the outside and diamonds in the center because, "diamonds are forever." Very sweet. He was worried I would not like it. It is very pretty!

On December 8th, we will be having an ultrasound and will see you for the first time. We won't know if you are a boy or a girl yet-it is far too early but they said you will have a heartbeat by then. I find that amazing.  I still can't believe I am pregnant. I am excited, but also so very nervous. 

I will be writing as the pregnancy goes along and hopefully one day you will love that I did this!