Monday, November 21, 2011

Telling the Holder Family

On Tuesday we are going to visit your future Grandpa and Grandma Susan. While we are gone, Aunt Denise will be watching our adorable dog Mickey. I hope you love him as much as we do!
I may be crazy, but ever since we found out about you, Mickey always comes up to me and puts his head on my belly. He has never done this before. I wonder if he knows you are in there :) 

We took him up to Ft. Collins on Saturday. Aunt Denise and I sat around talking. I wondered how or when I should tell her. Daddy texted me awhile after we got there asking me if I told her yet. I said no. He said I should. So, as we sat there talking, I said, "Soooo, I am pregnant." She said, "Is that a good thing?" I did say it out of the blue and you will learn, I am not an excitable person so I was pretty blunt. I told her it was a good thing. She said congratulations, and then said, and I quote, "You are going to get SO big." She may have said huge but it was something along those lines. It was funny! She said she couldn't believe her baby sister is pregnant which I thought was sweet. We chatted about it for awhile, and then Quinn, my 16 year old nephew, came upstairs. Denise asked him how many people were on the couch. He said 2 and we said he was wrong. Someone (maybe me or Denise?!) said it was 3. He was confused, so I pointed to my belly. He said, "Really?" I did not expect a teenager to care but he seemed genuinely happy about it.  Ethan came up a few minutes later and we asked him the same question. He guessed wrong too, and I did the same thing and pointed to my belly. I think he said something like shut up, then "really?" I said yes, really. He said, "Cool." He also informed us if it is a boy and we don't name it Ethan he will never speak to us again. Love that kid. 

That night, we met Uncle Jeff for dinner. We asked him the same question and he also got the number wrong. We told him and he said that was not what he was expecting to hear. He shook our hands and said congratulations. 

The next morning Aunt Denise said she was thinking about how she had asked if it was a good thing and how I was going to get big. I said it was not a big deal and I did not think twice about it. She said I did not say it with "jazz hands" or excitement so she was wondering. I said it is a good thing, I just don't get excited about most things, and I want to be further along before I get excited. :)

Up next: telling Uncle Johnny.

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