Monday, January 9, 2012

Last Week

Last week I had to go to the doctor for another reason other than you! While we were there, Dr. Barikmo said they were going to do an ultrasound. Here is what we saw:

When she put it on my belly, you were not moving. I of course freaked out but she said you might just be taking a nap. You are probably like me and love naps!  You hag grown since the last time I saw you!  I saw your heart beating which was cool. By seeing your heart, I knew you were still alive. I just wanted to see you move.  The Dr. pushed on my belly a few times and I guess we woke you up! You started moving all around and I felt better. Sure, I felt bad for waking you up, but it was nice to see you move!  I go to the doctor again on February 2nd but they said I will not be seeing you then-only hearing your heartbeat. I wanted to see how much you have grown but I guess we will wait until March. March is also when we can find out what you are. Most people think you are a girl. I am on the fence. Daddy is convinced you are a boy. We will see!

Last week and weekend were really rough on me. You made me so sick! Of course I did not throw up, I just felt really queasy. I could not sleep and the days were bad too. Thankfully Nana came over one day and took your brother out for awhile so I could just lay on the couch. That was nice! Friday was the worst and Saturday was pretty bad too!

Yesterday your Dad, brothers and I went to the Broncos game. I was SO happy I was only queasy in the morning. I did have a tiny pity party though because none of my jeans fit yesterday. I wanted to cry. My acne is bad and my belly is poofy. Regardless, we had a great time and it was the most amazing game ever! They scored an 88 yard touchdown in Overtime. I felt bad because I was jumping around going crazy. I am so sorry if that bothered you!  That was your second Broncos game already and you are not even born!  It was your brothers' first game and they are 7 and 4.  Torrin fell asleep for most of it, so Daddy and I decided that 6 is the age when you can go to a game. Camden had a great time too! Daddy laughed at me because when he was coming back from taking Torrin to the bathroom, I was high five-ing all the guys around me. He said it looked like I was in a beer commercial. Words can't express how fantastic of a game it was!

Nothing else really to report. I have not told a ton of people I am pregnant but I asked the doctor when my chance of miscarriage goes down. She said there is a 1% chance of me losing you now. I guess I can start telling more people! I am still on the fence about genetic testing. It is really expensive but in some ways, if something is wrong, I want to be informed and somewhat prepared. We will see!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank You TBD

Last night I fell asleep at midnight and did not awake until Torrin was right by my nose saying, "DANI! I stayed in my room until my clock turned green." Nana got him a Ready to Wake clock and so far, it has been fabulous! He is so proud of himself when he stays in there until it is green.

I woke up not feeling sick so I cleaned two bathrooms, made all the beds, cleaned the floor which was desperately needed, took the boys to school, did a load of laundry and then of course, at 9:30 the queasiness arrived. At least I got something accomplished today. I need to take a shower, but I am not sure if that is an attainable goal.

Camden came home from school yesterday and asked to feel you move and kick. I said I don't even feel you yet, and we have awhile before we can feel anything. He told me he felt his mom's belly, but he probably doesn't remember the time before he was able to do that. I am glad he is taking an interest in you. The other night he called Daddy into his room to ask if you would be getting his comforter. He was worried saying he really liked that comforter and did not want you to have it. We told him not to worry, you would not get any of his stuff.

At dinner last night, Daddy asked the boys what they thought the baby would be. Camden said he hoped it was a girl. Torrin said, "It's a girl."  They asked Daddy what he thought and he said boy. Torrin looked at him, and stated "It is NOT." It was funny. In March we will know what you are (hopefully). I hope you are not shy and turn away from the camera. But if you are anything like your mom, you will be all about pictures and being the center of attention. I want to know what you are so I can get things ready. I am a planner and I want to start your room, buying clothes and getting things for you. I am sure Nana would like to do the same :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Weeks......Again

I forgot to mention that when I went to the doctor last week, she asked me how many weeks I am. I said 10 since Tuesdays are my turn days (where it switches to the next week). She told me that since we switched my due date, I am only 9 weeks. Um, we had already subtracted a week. So confusing. I did not want to argue, because she is my doctor, so I guess last week I was 9 weeks and today is 10 weeks....I think.

Here is the picture of you:

It reminds me of those pictures where most people do not see anything, even after staring at it forever. I suppose people will look at this and not see anything. I put the words over the parts of your body with the hopes that it makes more sense. You kind of have to step back and see that large oval at the top is your head. The white marks on the head is your jaw bone.  Your left arm is up in the air waving to me.....or doing a fist pump. After all, your mom IS from Jersey. You were moving around so much, I am surprised she got this picture of you!  At another time in the ultrasound, you put your hand up to your head, as if to signal exhaustion. If you are a girl, perhaps you are already a drama queen?

Last night and today has been a rough one for me. Not only did I NOT get my mashed potatoes last night, I barely slept. I don't want to move around too much because Daddy wakes up, but then when I move to the couch, which used to be comfortable, I keep thinking of all the dog germs and kid germs that must be on there. I went up and down last night until I finally just got up at 5:30. I do sleep fabulously from about 3-5. I don't even hear Daddy leave! I wish I could sleep that well all night. I would also like it if you stopped making me go the bathroom so much. Seriously....

Today has been rough. I volunteer at your brothers school on Tuesdays and during my book group I thought I was going to have to throw up all over the Rumplestiltskin book. Thankfully I made it through. I am so queasy! Smells that never bothered me before bother me now. Like Mickey's dog food. I dread feeding him now when before, I did not even think about it! Hopefully this will pass soon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mashed Potatoes

Tonight Daddy was kind enough to grill up some hamburgers. I was looking forward to it since I love when we have food from the grill, but man oh man, those hamburgers need to go in the trash. We both thought they were terrible. We forced it down and I knew I was going to be hungry the rest of the night.  I talked to your Aunt Denise and she said she had Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch. Since that moment, I had been craving chicken and mashed potatoes.

After your brothers went to bed, I decided to make a hot dog but Daddy asked me if I wanted KFC. Um yes please! I was excited. When he got home, I opened the box to find NO biscuit, and the mashed potatoes had GRAVY on them. I was so disappointed and I thought about driving back there and yelling at them. But as Daddy said, I would get there, and I would probably just wind up crying and telling them how much I hate gravy and just sobbing. That's how I roll lately.

As for you, TBD, you are making me SO queasy. Not so much in the morning but man oh man, you make me ill all day long. I am going to gain weight because of all the Ginger Ale I am drinking! My doctor said no Diet soda. It took me SO long to get off of regular soda and now I can't drink Diet. So regular soda it is!

I went to the doctor the other day and I was not sure what they were going to do. Thankfully, they put that cold gel on my belly and I saw you again. You went from a little blob a few weeks ago to a tiny little person! You had arms, legs, a head and I saw your beating heart. It was amazing. What was REALLy amazing what how much you moved around. I felt kind of bad because you were moving ALL over the place. It was like you were in a jumping castle. I need to scan the pictures of you and put them up here. Your heart rate was much higher than last time. The doctor said everything looks great.  I have another appointment on Thursday but that is because of something not related to you. I hope to see you again soon!

Well, it is time for me to head upstairs to bed. I used to sleep so well, but these past few nights have not been good at all. I can only imagine how it is going to be when I get bigger. I am not sure how Daddy and I are going to sleep in our Queen size bed. We shall see!