Saturday, July 7, 2012

You really like to keep things interesting don't you?  We went back to the doctor on Thursday only to be admitted to Labor and Delivery again. My blood pressure and protein was ok, but you only moved twice in 45 minutes. They wanted to do a more intensive ultrasound so they sent us over to the hospital, where we waited and waited. It's sad when the nurses know us and say Hey! You guys are here again? Why yes, we are.

Eventually the ultrasound nurse came in and they had to watch you for 30+ minutes on the screen. They were scoring you on certain things like muscle tone, fluid, something else and breathing. You did great on everything except you were stubborn when it came to the breathing part. You were supposed to breathe consistently for 30 seconds but you wouldn't do it. Your back was to us and you just weren't having it. Since you scored an 8 out of 10 we were sent home. I thought for sure you were going to come out that night but once again, we were sent home. It is back to the doctor on Tuesday with the hopes I don't get admitted again. Hard to believe you will be here in less than a week! 

I am still on bed rest. Mickey knows something is up and sometimes puts his head on my belly.

Your brother Torrin doesn't really understand why I can't do things. He has been very sweet to me. The other night he gave me a car to play with, then some Play-Doh and then a Mickey Mouse sticker to put on my wrist guards. He is always asking me if I am doing ok. One night he asked if he could lay with me:

Mickey, Camden and Torrin wanted to all be on the couch at the same time. I didn't want my face showing so I hid behind my phone :)

After I have you, I can't climb the stairs so we got an Aero Bed for the main floor. Torrin decided to snuggle with me as I was trying it out:

It is going to be weird not having you in my belly anymore. I am used to you being in there but I AM looking forward to eventually being comfortable again. I really hope my feet go back to their normal size otherwise Daddy will be buying me lots of shoes. I would also like feeling back in my hands! I will miss my shelf though for drinks:

I am amazed how my belly has grown. I have all sorts of new freckles, dark spots on my face, skin tags and the awful stretch marks that JUST showed up. I thought I was in the clear! 

I finally downloaded a pic of me at 35 weeks:

I am very nervous about your arrival but I hope you are a great baby! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

36 Weeks

Where do I even begin? So much has happened in the past two weeks!

On June 22nd, I went in for my regular check up at the doctor. My blood pressure was high and my right leg was still very swollen. After talking to the doctor, she decided to send me over to the Labor and Delivery unit to be monitored and to have an ultrasound of my leg to make sure there was no blood clot.  Thankfully there was no clot but they really scared me saying if you were a few weeks earlier, they may have done an emergency c section.

Daddy was on the golf course but he came over as soon as I called him. Here I am all hooked up in the triage unit. It is blurry :(

After them running blood tests and being monitored for a few hours, I was sent home on bed rest along with a huge jug to collect pee in. I had to collect it for 24 hours and wow, that was annoying. Do you know how often a pregnant woman goes potty? A lot. I was just hoping that I didn't mistake it for Orange Juice in the middle of the night. Thankfully, that did not happen. Here is the jug:

Camden saw me putting it in the fridge and he said it must be awkward giving the doctor all that pee. I said there are lots of things I have to show the doctor that are much more awkward :)

So that day began my time on bed rest. They told me I couldn't do anything but come to the doctor and get up to shower and use the restroom. I felt bad because that means Daddy has to take on a lot more! I don't like having people do everything for me so it has been a challenge. I feel guilty but there is nothing I can do. After I thought about it, I thought it might not be so bad. I could get caught up on emails and magazines. I could watch movies and TV. Well, not having feeling in my hands and feeling overall yucky has made this time into me basically laying on the couch or in bed all the time. There is no productivity but I have to go with how I feel.

The following Tuesday, Daddy and I went back to the doctor. My blood pressure was high again. They did an ultrasound to see where you were and how big you are. When you appeared on the screen, the ultrasound lady said "Oh, he's breech." I was shocked! I thought for sure you had moved, but no. You have stayed in the same spot the whole time. She said I would have a c section and I cried. A lot. It really scared me!  She said you were weighing 6lbs, plus or minus a pound. You are 59% percentile in weight, but your head is 94% percentile! Hopefully your body will catch up with your head! When we saw your profile Daddy said you had my lips! With everything that was going on, we left without the pictures of you!

After the ultrasound, they took me to labor and delivery again for more monitoring. I did more blood work, and got hooked up to the monitors again. After a few more hours, we were allowed to go home. The next day the doctor called and said my protein levels were high and I definitely had preeclampsia. She also said we would be scheduling my c section at the next doctor appointment which happened to be the next day.

Grandpa and Grandma sent some beautiful flowers to me:

Our dog is taking this bed rest thing very seriously:

More updates to come!