Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Request

Dear Baby-

I used to enjoy sleeping straight through the night, but unfortunately you make me wake up every two hours to go the bathroom. It is getting kind of frustrating and is somewhat of an inconvenience for me. If you could let me sleep through the night, that would be great. I guess this is your way of preparing me for what is to come. Sincerely-Your Mom

Today you are 10 weeks. All those clothes I packed away because they were too big are making their appearance again. My belly is not as huge as it once was so I am guessing I was just bloated. It really depends on the time of day and what I have had to eat. You are still making me very queasy but the ginger seems to help.

Here is a picture from Christmas Eve. It says you are 9 weeks and the size of a green olive! Again, I think it looks like I am eating too much junk food and not pregnant. I think I am having another ultrasound on Friday so I am excited to see how you have grown!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9 Weeks

I am in my 9th week now and I have been feeling very queasy lately. My stomach has gone down a little bit, but it really depends on the time of day. My acne is still here, and you are still making me ugly :)  This morning Daddy let me sleep in which was nice, and while he went to workout, I vacuumed and cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I was not feeling all that well, but I took a shower, got ready, and then when I was making my lunch, I ran to the bathroom. I threw up 6 times (maybe more). I am wondering if this is your doing or if it is a stomach bug. I also wonder if it relates to the prenatal vitamins I am taking. For a long time I have been taking the ones with Ginger in them which is said to help morning sickness. Today I switched to new ones, without ginger, and I threw up. Not sure what to think of this. I hate throwing up (who likes it) so I hope this is not a regular occurrence. I asked Carolyn if she threw up while she was pregnant and she said "projectile exorcist vomiting." That made me laugh. At least it wasn't THAT bad. I think I will be going to Vitamin Cottage today to pick up some Ginger.

Friday, December 16, 2011


You are currently on your first trip to Mexico. I am 8 weeks now and for some reason, I have ballooned on this trip. I am not supposed to be showing so maybe it is me just being bloated but on the first day I looked like a whale:

It goes down a little in the morning but then after I eat, I am large. I have lots of acne and as I was getting ready the other morning I told Daddy, "This baby is making me ugly and I do not appreciate it." He laughed and said, "The baby has a name. It is TBD (to be determined)." Since then we have been calling you TBD until we know what you are.

I wake up crazy hungry here (and at home) and I am so thankful Daddy found sugar donuts at the coffee place downstairs. That has saved me every morning. Mmmm donuts. I am not much of a big drinker but man oh man, it is hard seeing everyone drink and me not being able to indulge myself or go in the hot tub.

Today Daddy and I went to downtown Cancun. As we were walking, the vendors kept calling us Honeymooners. One guy who said that said, stopped, saw my belly and then said Oh! Baby! Why do I have such a pooch already?

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Cancun. Thank you for not making me all that sick. I appreciate it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Telling Your Brothers

Today Daddy really wanted to tell your brothers about you. I thought it was too soon but he said I might get presents for you at Christmas and then they would know, so we should tell them. We brought them into the bedroom and said I was pregnant. Camden asked what that meant and we told them. Camden said YAY! and was excited. He asked, "What are we going to name her?" I said I was not sure if it was going to be a girl. His Mom had a little girl 3 months ago so he thinks every baby is a girl. Torrin said, "If it is coming out of Dani, it is going to be a girl." As you know, I am convinced you are a boy. Every old wive's tale says I am having a boy and I am just going to plan on you being a boy. What on earth will we name you?

The boys seemed pretty happy and then Camden asked where everyone would sleep. We asked him what he thought and he said he should move into the playroom, Torrin should move out of his room and into his current room, and then Torrin's room would be the baby's room. We said that was the plan and we told him about how we are going to repaint the rooms and they get to chose the color. Camden was very excited and when he realized he was going into the playroom he asked if he gets to keep the TV in there. Of course Torrin said he wants a TV then he had a meltdown after learning he will not be sharing a room with Camden. I think he thinks he is going to be upstairs all alone. Ever since he was born he has had a room next to his brother and it is probably a little scary for him.  He said he really wanted to stay in Camden's room. Camden pulled Bryan aside and said, "Please don't let that happen. I really want my own room."

Overall it went well. They saw the pictures of the baby. Camden was wondering how they get a picture of something inside my tummy. I told him he could come with me sometime and see and he wants to do that!

My belly looks quite large today. I have been feeling a little queasy but nothing too bad. Still super tired. I can hardly wait until March when we find out for sure who you are!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Today I am not feeling so well. I am super tired and starting to feel queasy. The doctor said this is the week where morning sickness starts. If it does start, I am hoping it waits until December 21st. Our trip will be over and our pre holiday plans will be completed. I do not do well with throwing up.

I was so excited to go to an all inclusive resort with Daddy next week. I planned to drink it up for one last time before really trying to get pregnant (thinking I would not be pregnant at all by the time the trip came around) I am not a big drinker but I do love daiquiris and the fact that they are included and I CAN'T have any just makes me want them more.

I have convinced myself you are a boy and I am only looking at boy names. I can't believe I have to wait until March to find out what you are. We still have no idea what we will name you. Not a clue. We have a lot of time to think about it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

We saw you!

Today Daddy and I went to the first doctor appointment. As soon as we got there, I had to pee in a cup then we went right in to the ultrasound. As they did it, the technician said my bladder was completely full. See what you do to me?! She showed it to me on the screen. Crazy!  She then pointed out where you were and showed us the little flutter that is your heart. It was beating at 120 beats per minute. I was not expecting to get emotional but I cried a little bit when I heard your heart!

Apparently you are measuring a week behind where we thought I was so I am not 8 weeks, I am 7 weeks. I guess we can disregard the picture I took already and start again! Because of how you measured, your due date has changed from July 24th to July 31st.  I am kind of hoping you come in August because I don't like odd numbers :) I do think it would be fabulous if you showed up on July 25th though since it will be 3 years to the day that Daddy and I met.

Here is the first of many pictures that will be taken of you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Your Parents

One year ago Daddy and I got married. Hard to believe a year has gone by already! Where does the time go? I am sure I will feel the same way about you as you grow up.

Last night was the first time I felt queasy. I slept with the trash can by our bed just in case I threw up but thankfully nothing happened. I woke up at 4 this morning super hungry (again) so I ate some cereal. Today I have been overly emotional. Everything is upsetting me and I have been crying. I wonder if that is your doing? I had planned for a very long time to be in my wedding dress when Daddy came home from work today. I thought it would be hilarious to just be sitting on the couch in my dress with your brother Torrin as if it was normal. I put on my diamond earrings and necklace, did my makeup more so than usual and texted Daddy asking him when he would be home. I had the dress out and ready to put on when Daddy walked in the door. This is the first time ever he did not text me he was saying he was on his way. This made me cry as well. What is wrong with me?! I hope it was a freak occurrence. I don't enjoy crying.

Tomorrow is the start of week 8. Then on Thursday, hopefully we will get to hear your heartbeat!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

7 Weeks!

I still am having a very hard time believing you are in my belly. So much of a hard time that I took another test today and it said 'Pregnant' so I guess you are still in there :)  We are ending week 7. Here is a picture to show what I look like this week:

I don't think people could tell I am pregnant. They probably just think I have put on some weight and gained a bigger muffin top. I am in awe that my stomach went from fairly flat to puffy. I am still super hungry and tired. Another strange thing is I am so hot when I am in bed. Daddy calls me a heater and I am constantly on fire!

Daddy and I have decided we think you are a boy. Daddy tends to produce boys so we are planning on another one. We have NO idea what we would name you. I love the name Preston but Daddy worked at Preston Junior High years ago and it kind of ruined the name for him. Daddy wanted to name your oldest brother Cam after Cam the Ram at CSU where we both went to college but wound up naming him Camden. Your other brother is named after an island in Scotland.  We shall see what your name will be.

We hope to hear your heartbeat for the first time on Thursday. It is my first doctors appointment!