Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Request

Dear Baby-

I used to enjoy sleeping straight through the night, but unfortunately you make me wake up every two hours to go the bathroom. It is getting kind of frustrating and is somewhat of an inconvenience for me. If you could let me sleep through the night, that would be great. I guess this is your way of preparing me for what is to come. Sincerely-Your Mom

Today you are 10 weeks. All those clothes I packed away because they were too big are making their appearance again. My belly is not as huge as it once was so I am guessing I was just bloated. It really depends on the time of day and what I have had to eat. You are still making me very queasy but the ginger seems to help.

Here is a picture from Christmas Eve. It says you are 9 weeks and the size of a green olive! Again, I think it looks like I am eating too much junk food and not pregnant. I think I am having another ultrasound on Friday so I am excited to see how you have grown!

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