Thursday, February 9, 2012

15 weeks

Where did this belly come from? It is not this big in the morning, but after dinner, it swells to huge proportions. I often wonder, are there two in there? But no, there is not. I am just big for how far along I am. Here is a picture:

Horizontal stripes are probably not the best idea for pregnant people but the shirt is oh so comfortable.

Daddy and I bought a king size bed tonight. It will be here in 2 weeks. I can't wait! I hope it helps me sleep better!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Oh sleep, how I long for you. I am going on Day 3 of only about 3 hours total per night. That does not work for me. I swear our bed is shrinking. It does not help that I have a giant pregnancy pillow in the bed with us. Have I mentioned how hard it is not sleeping on my stomach? The pillow helps but I toss and turn all night. I went to the couch last night but I still did not rest. I am over it! Not sure if it is related to the pregnancy or the cold that has struck me down hard suddenly. I am couching, achy, stuffy, etc. I miss cold medicine and Afrin. Afrin rocks at times like these, but being pregnant doesn't allow me to take many things. Sadness. I hope to feel better soon.

I am finally having cravings that I never really had before. They are random ones: lemonade and Arby's roast beef sandwiches. Not usually a huge fan of Arbys but a roast beef sandwich with some curly fries is on my mind. All. The. Time. Lemonade too. I was hoping for veggie cravings, or things I don't normally eat, but nope. Lemonade and roast beef. I wish Arby's delivered.

Tomorrow starts week 15 (actually 16 but I have to go with what the dr says. Boo. I need to get back to taking pictures with the sign. I decided to take a picture of my belly looking down. Looks kind of big in this picture:

Nana was kind enough to buy me some clothes last week. I was looking forward to jeans again so she got me maternity ones. They stretch after I put them on so they keep falling down. They will fit great when I get bigger, but for now, I might have to stick to leggings. We shall see. I think I am good on tops until I have to travel for Megan's wedding. There is not a huge, reasonably priced maternity clothes selection. I would pay more if this wasn't the only time I was going to be pregnant. 

I am feeling yucky so that is all for now. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Back to This

January was a crazy month-hence the reason I have no posts and no pictures since the 9th. I will be better about this. Really. I know I said that on my other blog, but I am sticking to it for this one. So, here is the latest-working from the present time and going backwards.

Nana came with me today to the doctor since Daddy is in Houston. I was wishing and hoping for an ultrasound but no luck. Only listening to your heartbeat this time. I always worry I won't hear you, but thankfully your heartbeat was there, nice and strong the doctor said. About 150 bpm. She even said you were moving. We find out on March 15th what you are. I can't wait! Part of me thinks you are a girl but I am sticking with boy. You have been letting me sleep through the night without having to go the bathroom or get a snack. I appreciate that!

This past weekend your Aunt Megan and Aunt Kathryn were in town. I had a massive migraine but was not able to take anything because you are in my belly. I thought I might have a sinus infection so the Urgent Care doctor gave me an antibiotic. The headache stuff that gave me did nothing, so I called the doctor's office and they called in medicine for me that helped a lot. Other than that, the queasiness has subsided except when I am hungry. Apparently the second trimester is the best, so I am happy to be 14 weeks.

Nana took me clothes shopping today. I am in desperate of maternity jeans. There are only so many times I can wear leggings. As much as I love them, I just can't wear them every day. I am in between sizes and yes, I can wear my jeans with the belly bands but I fear my pants will fall down. Last week I got 11 shirts at the Gap for $100. Your momma is a bargain shopper!  I still need to get some more things, and I will need to shop later in my pregnancy for South Carolina and our Hawaii trip.

Speaking of trips, Daddy and I took your brothers (and you) to Disneyland this month. It was a surprise and your brothers were very excited. We all love Disneyland and we look forward to taking you sometime when you are older. It was hard for me because I really could not go on anything being pregnant. Here is a picture of your Daddy and I on our 2 year engagement anniversary. You are giving me a tiny belly!
I was 12 weeks in that picture! I need to get back to taking pictures every week. There are a lot of things I need to get back to! Like the gym....

Nothing else really going on! I still have acne like no other. People have been telling me I look cute, but I don't feel that way. I wish I looked more pregnant rather than just chubby. In time!