Monday, February 6, 2012


Oh sleep, how I long for you. I am going on Day 3 of only about 3 hours total per night. That does not work for me. I swear our bed is shrinking. It does not help that I have a giant pregnancy pillow in the bed with us. Have I mentioned how hard it is not sleeping on my stomach? The pillow helps but I toss and turn all night. I went to the couch last night but I still did not rest. I am over it! Not sure if it is related to the pregnancy or the cold that has struck me down hard suddenly. I am couching, achy, stuffy, etc. I miss cold medicine and Afrin. Afrin rocks at times like these, but being pregnant doesn't allow me to take many things. Sadness. I hope to feel better soon.

I am finally having cravings that I never really had before. They are random ones: lemonade and Arby's roast beef sandwiches. Not usually a huge fan of Arbys but a roast beef sandwich with some curly fries is on my mind. All. The. Time. Lemonade too. I was hoping for veggie cravings, or things I don't normally eat, but nope. Lemonade and roast beef. I wish Arby's delivered.

Tomorrow starts week 15 (actually 16 but I have to go with what the dr says. Boo. I need to get back to taking pictures with the sign. I decided to take a picture of my belly looking down. Looks kind of big in this picture:

Nana was kind enough to buy me some clothes last week. I was looking forward to jeans again so she got me maternity ones. They stretch after I put them on so they keep falling down. They will fit great when I get bigger, but for now, I might have to stick to leggings. We shall see. I think I am good on tops until I have to travel for Megan's wedding. There is not a huge, reasonably priced maternity clothes selection. I would pay more if this wasn't the only time I was going to be pregnant. 

I am feeling yucky so that is all for now. 

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