Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This is SO you!

I was sent this article and it made me laugh out loud. This is SO you right now.

Part II -- The Age Of Independence
1. When your parent(s) appear to be having a deep conversation with another adult, announce that you have to poop. If you are still in diapers, extra credit awarded for grunting and straining to make it appear like you are trying to pass a brick.
2. When being served a banana, if it breaks during the peeling process, REFUSE to eat it. Actually, make that the rule for anything that breaks before being served. Yes, even cookies.
3. When out to eat, stand up in the booth, then turn around and stare at the person eating behind you for so long it becomes creepy.
4. If someone tries to take something from you, make them sorry. Hold tight while flailing and screaming. If they manage to pry it out of your hands, channel the Incredible Hulk and explode on them.
5. Potty Training (a.k.a The Great Chocolate Caper)... should NOT be easy for anyone involved. Well, unless chocolate and sweet treats are not your thing. The harder you make it, the longer you will get rewarded for crapping in the potty.
6. MAKE A MESS! That is your mantra. Make the most of every opportunity to wreck the joint. Get creative. Go nuts. Think: Filthy Wild Mess. Make sure it's clear where you have been... Store your toys in the hall, in shoes, in the cat's/dog's bed, in the refrigerator, in the toilet, bathtub, front yard... anywhere but where your parents want them. 

7. When you pass gas, laugh hysterically and then in your loudest voice announce, "HA HA I JUST FARTED." Legend status achieved if four or more people are present.
8. Before you touch anything on your plate, demand the food off everyone else's first.
9. Shoes, clothes and vegetables are stupid. Avoid them.
10. DO NOT sleep in on the weekends. If the sun rises before you, then you have failed. If you do not see the tears in your parents' eyes when waking them up before dawn, then you have failed.

11. Life is one big game of tag. Everyone is "It." RUN FROM THEM! Use tables to play epic games of You Can't Catch Me by crawling under them and running around them.

12. When no one is looking, try something really naughty. Something like climbing on furniture, jumping on the bed, pulling a chair over to the counter to grab a knife, chasing the cat or dog. Something you are sure you will get yelled at for if caught. Live a little.
13. While out for walks, stop every six inches to poke, pick up, drop or kick something. Every dog in the neighborhood should be lapping you on walks. Even the German shepherd that stops every foot to mark its territory.
14. Repeat EVERY word you hear. Every. Single. One.
15. This is the only time of your life when you can say bad words in public and not get in trouble. Remember, they think you are trying to say truck, duck, chip, bridge and ship. GO WITH IT! Drop "truck" bombs all over the place!
16. Phones and tablets were put on this Earth for you. Seek them out. Always.
17. Act like a perfect little angel while in the care of others. Think all smiles through Pleases and Thank Yous and well-timed trips to the potty. It will keep your parents guessing and slightly annoyed.
18. The backseat of the car is your domain. Mark it by creating a sea of Goldfish crackers. Feed the Goldfish juice and crumbs whenever possible.
19. Before you play with your toys, play with everything else. Including, but not limited to, everything in the house that is repeatedly referred to as "not for you."
20. Last, and most important, to keep Toddler Legend Perfect Little Angel status... at least once a week, WOW your parents with your undeniable wit and charm. One week, bust out the ABCs or The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Then, the next week, count to 10. In between, announce observations about your surroundings using words they have never heard you say before. Also, give kisses, hugs and cheeky grins and/or say "I WUV you" -- the latter if you think they are on to you.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

So Very Sick

My heart is breaking as I watch you and see how miserable you are. I had a feeling you were getting sick, but on Wednesday night you would sleep for 15 minutes, then wake up screaming. Of course Daddy was out of town. You had a 101 fever so I called the doctor on Thursday. They had an opening so I took you in. Your doctor was not sure if it was just a cold or something more. She said something was not sitting right with her. I agreed and said that is why I brought you in. She was hesitant to give you an antibiotic but she said she would call on Friday to see how you were.

On Friday a nurse called and I told her that you seemed to be getting worse. You still had a fever and you were lethargic. You were refusing to eat but thankfully you were still drinking. She talked to the doctor and they said they were going to call in an antibiotic. If you still have a fever tomorrow I have to take you in again.

Daddy picked up your medicine on Friday so your first dose was after your brothers got home from school. Daddy and I had a school event to go to and I felt awful leaving you. This is how you looked before we left last night:

You were so unhappy. I thought about staying home. I did not want to expose Nana and Papa to your sickness. I hope no one catches whatever it is that you might have. You woke up this morning, ate some yogurt (first food in a few days) and had your milk. You seemed to be getting back to your old self. Around 11 it was as if you remembered you were sick. You were clingy and felt warm so I gave you some medicine. It was funny because after I give you something today, you have been saying "thanks." Usually you say "thank you" but today it is just "thanks."

I love watching you do and learn new things. You make me laugh. You have such a big personality and I wish I could record every second of your life. I love that you pick up the play phone, say "Hi Papa. How are you? I good. Love you. Bye." You also like to "call" Nana. I am so glad you love them so much! Your vocabulary seems to grow every day right along with you. I am having a very hard time knowing you are growing up. As challenging as you can be, I love this age. I feel like the first year was a blur. I was so busy trying to figure out how to be a mom that I feel I missed a lot of things. I do think I wrote down most things but I feel like a lot of my memories will have to come from pictures.

This morning you were in the kitchen and I asked you for a kiss. Usually you say no, or if you do say yes, you put your head forward and let me kiss that. Today you replied YES! then you ran to me, with your arms stretched out. You jumped into my arms and you put your head on my shoulder. I hope you always love me as much as you do now.

I love that you show empathy to others already. Yesterday you saw Torrin sitting down and you said "Torrin boo boo. I see it." I looked over and we could see that Torrin had a cut on his knee. You said "I get down. I kiss it?" Adorable. You also react when one of us is crying by getting visibly upset. On TV when you see something sad you put your arms out and ask "I hold it?" You are a sweet boy and I love you SO much!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

21 Months

I know I say this all the time, but where is the time going? I can't believe you are 21 months old. I should say you are 1 and a half but I think saying you are 21 months is making me feel a little bit better.  As challenging as this mom thing is, I love seeing you learn new things and I adore hearing your sweet little voice.

You have been telling me everything you are doing. "Mama! Mom! I walking." "I runnin!" "I poopin." "I sittin." You are so dang cute, I can't even stand it. You love "swimming" in the tub and you REALLY loved it when we went to the pool a few weeks ago. When I was putting you to bed that night, you said, "I swim. I fast. It fun!"

You were confused why you could not go into the pool during "adult swim." Those were probably the longest 10 minutes of your life. You kept putting your foot in, looking around to see if it was ok. 

After you were in the pool, Daddy held you in the shower. You were unsure of the shower, but you did ok. You got so comfortable with it that you stood under the water and repeatedly peed, as you said "I peeing." I took pictures of that too, but I won't post them here :)

 After the pool we stopped at the store where the clerk gave you your first 'Blow Pop' which you referred to as Pop Art. You were in heaven. When I went to throw it away, you hugged it and said, "My pop art."

You are so much like your Daddy, especially when it comes to being outside. You always want to be outside and you throw a fit when it is time to go in. I had to put sunscreen on you this particular day. You were confused by this so I kept telling you it was lotion. You did really well, so I hope that you are ok with this throughout the summer. 

As I have mentioned before, you are extremely attached to me. As much as I love snuggling with you and how much you want to be around me, you need some outside entertainment. I decided to sign you up for a class called "Crocodile Rock" through our town. It is once a week for 4 weeks and so far we have gone twice.  You sort of do your own thing but for the most part, you listen to the teacher when it is time to get a toy/put a toy back. You are very excited to shake things like you are doing in this picture. 

Before we go, I talk about how we are going to class with some friends. As soon as we pull up to the building you yell "friends!" During today's class, a little girl accidentally hit you in the head with an instrument. You cried and screamed, then refused to do anything else for the rest of class. I take that back. You did sit in the parachute as all the parents spun the kids in a circle. You didn't know if you should laugh or cry but thankfully you made it through. At the end of class all the kids were invited under the parachute and they were having the best time, laughing, smiling and squealing. You wanted nothing to do with the parachute. At the end of class your teacher puts a stamp on each hand. You are fascinated with them!

You bring so much laughter and joy into our lives and I love you so much. I find myself worrying more and more about being a good parent to you. I want you to grow up (well not really grow up) to be a kind, caring and loving boy. I want you to be a good person that people like to be around. I want you to be a good friend and a good brother. I want you to be happy and to love life. I just hope I am doing the right things with you/for you. I often feel like I am failing as your mom. There are so many "shoulds" that come with life. For example, you "should" only be using sippy cups. I still give you the bottle. It comforts you, and I adore snuggling with you as you hold your bottle. You "should not" be watching any TV until you are 2. I let you watch the baby channel and you love it. I worry I am doing you harm but as long as you are happy and healthy, I think we will be ok.

You have been getting up every night crying, so I am headed off to bed. I hope you sleep all night. I love you little man.