Thursday, September 11, 2014

Camden is 10

Your brother is 10 today and this year he will be at our house. He requested steak, Mac and Cheese and Baked Beans for dinner. He also asked that I make him a chocolate cake with blue icing. In addition to tonight's dinner he is having a family party combined with Mikaya on Sunday and a party with friends in a few weeks. I am running around like crazy trying to make sure everything is in order. I thought about decorations for the family party and I am working on the friends party but I did not think to decorate for tonight. At the store this morning they did not have any streamers and I went to two stores. Thankfully I have one birthday banner and I put that up to at least have something. You are completely fascinated by it and its shiny-ness.

Note: The only reason everything is on the counter is because our sink is leaking and nothing can be in the cabinet.

I feel like a total mess today as a stepmom. It is 1:00 and I just changed you into your clothes. You are attached to wearing jammies during the day and you don't want to take the tractor ones off. You would not eat anything for lunch but since I was trying to make a cake for Camden I let you have cookies. To top it off, I let you have milk in a bottle. I am failing on so many levels today. I hope you take a long nap today. Mommy needs to shower and get her heart rate down.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Play Group

Another mom I met at one of you classes this summer decided she wanted to try and get a few moms and their kids together to play on Tuesdays. Today was our first get together and I was a little nervous. I felt kind of strange because they all knew each other and they all go to church together. They know about each other's lives, their other kids and their husbands. I only know the mom that put it together. Anyway, my point is, I got to spend time watching you interact with other kids your age. People tell me all the time how "busy" you are and yes, you are a very strong willed child with me. I loved seeing you with other kids because you were SO polite. Instead of just taking a toy from another kid, you would say "please?" When they did not give it to you, you would walk over to me and tell me "but I said please!" The other kids were hitting and pushing each other. You were calmly asking them please and you said thank you when they did give you a toy. The other moms said they don't see any sign of you being difficult or being a typical two year old. I had to agree with them. When the other kids would fight, you just said, "Look at those boys! They are fighting!"

I am so proud of you and I really hope you continue to be a kind, sweet and caring little guy. I love you so much!