Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Play Group

Another mom I met at one of you classes this summer decided she wanted to try and get a few moms and their kids together to play on Tuesdays. Today was our first get together and I was a little nervous. I felt kind of strange because they all knew each other and they all go to church together. They know about each other's lives, their other kids and their husbands. I only know the mom that put it together. Anyway, my point is, I got to spend time watching you interact with other kids your age. People tell me all the time how "busy" you are and yes, you are a very strong willed child with me. I loved seeing you with other kids because you were SO polite. Instead of just taking a toy from another kid, you would say "please?" When they did not give it to you, you would walk over to me and tell me "but I said please!" The other kids were hitting and pushing each other. You were calmly asking them please and you said thank you when they did give you a toy. The other moms said they don't see any sign of you being difficult or being a typical two year old. I had to agree with them. When the other kids would fight, you just said, "Look at those boys! They are fighting!"

I am so proud of you and I really hope you continue to be a kind, sweet and caring little guy. I love you so much!

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