Thursday, August 28, 2014

There I was, writing again. Not as much as I would like to but better than before. Then life gets in the way, you refuse to let me sit down and your mommy is exhausted. Time goes so fast and writing things down just gets pushed to the side. Thankfully I do type things into my phone so that one day, probably when you are in school full time, I will write it all on the computer or put it into your baby book.

So much has happened in the past almost two months since I posted on here. You turned 2 even though I begged you not to. You inform everyone who asks that you are 6. I am not sure why you have chosen 6, but you are insistent that 6 is how old you are.

You make me laugh every single day. I am in awe of how much you learn, how quickly you learn and just how large your vocabulary and personality are. As much as I hate that you are growing up, I do love being able to have a conversation with you. I love that you yell, "MOM! Let's sit together!" Or "MOM! Let's play toys together. I go get a tractor for ya!" I LOVE the excited dance you do when I come pick you up from school, when Nana/Papa come over or when you see something you have never seen before. I love how expressive you are and how you are finally kissing me on the lips. One day I reacted to your kiss with "I am so happy" and now every time you kiss me you say "I so happy!" You have also started saying "I SO excited!" As challenging as you can be, I love the little person you have become. It is so hard to discipline you because you are so darn cute. Everyone knows it, and they never fail to tell us how cute you are. This works in your favor, especially when you should be in trouble. You have only been put into "time out" two times in your life but usually once a day you tell me you are going to time out. You go and sit on the steps if we are home, or if we are out somewhere, you go stand against a wall. You inform me that you are in time out. It makes me laugh every time.

Last night you discovered that if you call for me, I will come in to see what is wrong. Yes, you have called Mommy before but only when you are crying. Last night you decided to call for me from your crib. I had put you to bed and a few minutes later, I hear "Mom! Mom!" I go in and you tell me that there is a fan on the roof. Nothing was bothering you. You just wanted to inform me of something.

Although you are incredibly attached to me, you are also fiercely independent at times. You tell us all the time that you are a "big boy" and that you "do it myself." You try and get into your car seat by yourself. The first time you tried, you were successful only because there were things on the floor that allowed you to climb up into your seat. Now you get very angry when I put you in your seat. You are no longer interested in plastic kid utensils. You tell us you need a "big boy spoon." You constantly tell me that you are peeing or pooping. You also tell me that you want to go on the potty. We take your diaper off, we sit on the potty and you tell me, "I put my penis down" then nothing. You sit for a second, say "I don't want to" and your diaper goes back on. Yesterday I got you your own little potty thinking it might be the thing that does the trick. You were SO excited:

Forgive me for including a naked photo, but I just have to show you that you decided since the potty had wheels, it must be driven. You proceeded to push the potty around the house. Maybe getting you a Lightning McQueen potty wasn't the best idea...

You are crying in your crib so it is time to go get you. More later. Hopefully. 

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