Saturday, December 3, 2011

7 Weeks!

I still am having a very hard time believing you are in my belly. So much of a hard time that I took another test today and it said 'Pregnant' so I guess you are still in there :)  We are ending week 7. Here is a picture to show what I look like this week:

I don't think people could tell I am pregnant. They probably just think I have put on some weight and gained a bigger muffin top. I am in awe that my stomach went from fairly flat to puffy. I am still super hungry and tired. Another strange thing is I am so hot when I am in bed. Daddy calls me a heater and I am constantly on fire!

Daddy and I have decided we think you are a boy. Daddy tends to produce boys so we are planning on another one. We have NO idea what we would name you. I love the name Preston but Daddy worked at Preston Junior High years ago and it kind of ruined the name for him. Daddy wanted to name your oldest brother Cam after Cam the Ram at CSU where we both went to college but wound up naming him Camden. Your other brother is named after an island in Scotland.  We shall see what your name will be.

We hope to hear your heartbeat for the first time on Thursday. It is my first doctors appointment!

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