Friday, December 16, 2011


You are currently on your first trip to Mexico. I am 8 weeks now and for some reason, I have ballooned on this trip. I am not supposed to be showing so maybe it is me just being bloated but on the first day I looked like a whale:

It goes down a little in the morning but then after I eat, I am large. I have lots of acne and as I was getting ready the other morning I told Daddy, "This baby is making me ugly and I do not appreciate it." He laughed and said, "The baby has a name. It is TBD (to be determined)." Since then we have been calling you TBD until we know what you are.

I wake up crazy hungry here (and at home) and I am so thankful Daddy found sugar donuts at the coffee place downstairs. That has saved me every morning. Mmmm donuts. I am not much of a big drinker but man oh man, it is hard seeing everyone drink and me not being able to indulge myself or go in the hot tub.

Today Daddy and I went to downtown Cancun. As we were walking, the vendors kept calling us Honeymooners. One guy who said that said, stopped, saw my belly and then said Oh! Baby! Why do I have such a pooch already?

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Cancun. Thank you for not making me all that sick. I appreciate it!

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