Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9 Weeks

I am in my 9th week now and I have been feeling very queasy lately. My stomach has gone down a little bit, but it really depends on the time of day. My acne is still here, and you are still making me ugly :)  This morning Daddy let me sleep in which was nice, and while he went to workout, I vacuumed and cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I was not feeling all that well, but I took a shower, got ready, and then when I was making my lunch, I ran to the bathroom. I threw up 6 times (maybe more). I am wondering if this is your doing or if it is a stomach bug. I also wonder if it relates to the prenatal vitamins I am taking. For a long time I have been taking the ones with Ginger in them which is said to help morning sickness. Today I switched to new ones, without ginger, and I threw up. Not sure what to think of this. I hate throwing up (who likes it) so I hope this is not a regular occurrence. I asked Carolyn if she threw up while she was pregnant and she said "projectile exorcist vomiting." That made me laugh. At least it wasn't THAT bad. I think I will be going to Vitamin Cottage today to pick up some Ginger.

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