Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are you in there?

I am having a really hard time believing I am pregnant. I have no sign of any sickness whatsoever so that makes me a little nervous. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones. I HATE throwing up more than anything-it scares me and causes me to have panic attacks. They say it starts around week 5. Well, we are on week 7 and so far.....nothing. The only symptoms I have is I am suddenly very tired and I am insanely hungry all the time. You also make me go pee a lot. Sad, but true. That is really an inconvenience, so I would appreciate that you would stop. :)

I was in awe to learn that you have already had three sets of kidneys in your short lifespan. This week you have your final set of kidneys that will be with you your whole life. You are also 10,000 times bigger than you were at conception and your brain cells are producing at 100 cells a minute. No wonder I am tired!

I made a sign to hold up for when I start taking weekly pictures of my belly. I feel like you can tell that I am pregnant but people have been telling me I look like I lost weight. I am thankful for elastic pants because you are making it hard to button my pants!

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