Wednesday, November 23, 2011

California Trip

Daddy and I flew to Sacramento, California on Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving with Grandpa and Susan. We did not tell them when we arrived since we did not get to see them for that long. We decided to wait. That night we picked up Aunt Megan and almost Uncle Tyler (they are getting married soon!) They were talking about going into the hot tub and grabbing a drink somewhere. Tyler got a new job so they talked about celebrating it. I said there is also something else to celebrate. I did not even have to say anything and Aunt Megan screamed. Both of them were really happy and excited. Daddy was happy at their reaction! Nothing compares to Nana and Papa's reaction, but it was a close second!

The next day we had something to do so we did not eat lunch until 3 p.m. You make me insanely hungry so I needed a snack. Grandpa kept saying we would eat soon, but I really needed food. I felt like a brat telling him I needed to go to a gas station to get something to eat and I wanted to tell him why, but we waited a little longer. At lunch we made a toast to Megan and Tyler. Daddy then finally spilled the beans. Grandpa smiled and nodded and said Congratulations. Susan did the same. I felt better knowing they knew! Up next, telling your Great Grandparents!

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