Friday, November 18, 2011

Telling Nana and Papa

I wanted to wait to share the news until Christmas Eve with Nana and Papa but Daddy could not wait. He wanted them to be the first to know. You are giving me terrible headaches (it is ok, I still love you) so   being overly creative and crafty was not possible. I decided to give Nana and Papa a gift at dinner that night....

We met them at the Outback for dinner. Nana asked me why I was not drinking-I said I had a headache. That was true, but I also can't drink since we found out about you. After they ordered their drinks, I told them we had a present for them. I told them that I could not wait until Christmas, and I wanted them to open it now. Nana asked me why I was giving her a gift early. I said she could use it for the holidays and I really wanted them to have it. She said it was heavy (which it was).

This is what was in the bag:

They opened it, and Nana said she did not need spaghetti sauce.  I told them to read it.  Papa said, "100% natural Prego, Heart Smart." We found this funny because he was not getting it.

Nana read it and she finally got it...

Papa was still confused so I said, "I am pregnant." The look of shock on their face was one I will never forget. Nana just kept saying, "Oh My God, Oh My God. I am in shock." She said she wanted to see me puking in the toilet so she would believe me. My Dad had no words.

It was something I will never forget. They said they thought it would take awhile (as did we) but I said it was the first try. Nana said I am a "Fertile Myrtle" like she was. I showed them the ring Daddy got me and told them the meaning behind it. Papa asked why Daddy's birthstone was bigger than mine and Nana said, "Because he got her pregnant on the first try." Funny!

Later on that night Nana sent me an email and said they were still in shock but thrilled. She also said to take care of myself because I am carrying precious cargo. It was very sweet. We all can't wait to meet you!

We are going to Ft. Collins this weekend so we will be telling Aunt Denise, Uncle Jeff, and your future cousins Quinn and Ethan!

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