Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Weeks......Again

I forgot to mention that when I went to the doctor last week, she asked me how many weeks I am. I said 10 since Tuesdays are my turn days (where it switches to the next week). She told me that since we switched my due date, I am only 9 weeks. Um, we had already subtracted a week. So confusing. I did not want to argue, because she is my doctor, so I guess last week I was 9 weeks and today is 10 weeks....I think.

Here is the picture of you:

It reminds me of those pictures where most people do not see anything, even after staring at it forever. I suppose people will look at this and not see anything. I put the words over the parts of your body with the hopes that it makes more sense. You kind of have to step back and see that large oval at the top is your head. The white marks on the head is your jaw bone.  Your left arm is up in the air waving to me.....or doing a fist pump. After all, your mom IS from Jersey. You were moving around so much, I am surprised she got this picture of you!  At another time in the ultrasound, you put your hand up to your head, as if to signal exhaustion. If you are a girl, perhaps you are already a drama queen?

Last night and today has been a rough one for me. Not only did I NOT get my mashed potatoes last night, I barely slept. I don't want to move around too much because Daddy wakes up, but then when I move to the couch, which used to be comfortable, I keep thinking of all the dog germs and kid germs that must be on there. I went up and down last night until I finally just got up at 5:30. I do sleep fabulously from about 3-5. I don't even hear Daddy leave! I wish I could sleep that well all night. I would also like it if you stopped making me go the bathroom so much. Seriously....

Today has been rough. I volunteer at your brothers school on Tuesdays and during my book group I thought I was going to have to throw up all over the Rumplestiltskin book. Thankfully I made it through. I am so queasy! Smells that never bothered me before bother me now. Like Mickey's dog food. I dread feeding him now when before, I did not even think about it! Hopefully this will pass soon!

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