Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank You TBD

Last night I fell asleep at midnight and did not awake until Torrin was right by my nose saying, "DANI! I stayed in my room until my clock turned green." Nana got him a Ready to Wake clock and so far, it has been fabulous! He is so proud of himself when he stays in there until it is green.

I woke up not feeling sick so I cleaned two bathrooms, made all the beds, cleaned the floor which was desperately needed, took the boys to school, did a load of laundry and then of course, at 9:30 the queasiness arrived. At least I got something accomplished today. I need to take a shower, but I am not sure if that is an attainable goal.

Camden came home from school yesterday and asked to feel you move and kick. I said I don't even feel you yet, and we have awhile before we can feel anything. He told me he felt his mom's belly, but he probably doesn't remember the time before he was able to do that. I am glad he is taking an interest in you. The other night he called Daddy into his room to ask if you would be getting his comforter. He was worried saying he really liked that comforter and did not want you to have it. We told him not to worry, you would not get any of his stuff.

At dinner last night, Daddy asked the boys what they thought the baby would be. Camden said he hoped it was a girl. Torrin said, "It's a girl."  They asked Daddy what he thought and he said boy. Torrin looked at him, and stated "It is NOT." It was funny. In March we will know what you are (hopefully). I hope you are not shy and turn away from the camera. But if you are anything like your mom, you will be all about pictures and being the center of attention. I want to know what you are so I can get things ready. I am a planner and I want to start your room, buying clothes and getting things for you. I am sure Nana would like to do the same :)

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