Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You Worry Me Little Man!

People told me I won't know how it feels to be a true worrier until I have children. Boy, were they right! You have been very fussy lately and super unhappy. I am always concerned that you are in pain and miserable. You also don't enjoy sleeping during the day so it makes it very hard for Mommy to update this blog.

Yesterday I took you for your two month check up. I was dreading you getting your shots. You have this amazing ability to make the SADDEST looking faces-especially with a big boo lip. It breaks my heart!  As we were going through the checklist of milestones you should be showing at 2 months, the doctor asked me how you were doing with tummy time. Being a new mom, I had no idea you were supposed to be on your tummy already. Whoops! We started it today. You hated it but your doctor said if we did it in 5 minute increments, 3 times a day it is good. After feeling bad about that, she asked me if you followed objects. I never really put an object up to your face to follow so I was not sure. You stare at things, you love looking at the window and the tree sticker that is on your wall, but I did not know if you followed an item. She tried getting you to follow something but you would not do it. This concerned her so she said we needed to get in to a pediatric optometrist this week. Of course this scared me. I tend to think the worst and I was certain you were blind. I envisioned a life of seeing eye dogs, braille and canes. That's how your Mommy is-a pessimist. In thinking this way I think I am preparing myself for the worst, but I know that is not logical. Anyway, I cried about it to the doctor, then I cried to Daddy about it when he came home. Thankfully the appointment was this morning.

When we got there we were told your eyes were going to be dilated. We had to do drops every 10 minutes, 3 times and then wait 30 minutes.  You never sleep but yesterday and today before your appointments you passed out. You were not digging the eye drops. The time went by quickly and it was time for you to go in and see the doctor. Here you are with Daddy waiting to be seen:

The doctor was great! She said she was surprised she had you come in since you were 3 weeks early and technically you are only developmentally 6 weeks old. The fact that you are not tracking objects is normal for being born at 37 weeks. Regardless, she examined your eyes. You were not liking that because you were trying to sleep. You responded well when the lights went on and off and everything looked normal. Of course you are fine and not blind like your Mommy thought :) If you are still not tracking objects in 2 months we will go back, but so far you are perfect!

Yesterday when we were at the doctor I told them about how fussy you have been. They suggested we try the expensive formula. I don't want to jinx it but it has been night and day for you today. You have been sleeping a lot and you are pretty mellow. Maybe we found something that works for you. Fingers crossed! We are super lucky you have such a great Nana and Papa. They offer to buy formula for you (and diapers) which we really appreciate! I hope this is the beginning of a new stage for you-one that is far less fussy and more restful! You do ok at night, but man oh man, you do not like sleeping during the day. Today has been lovely. Although I would have loved to take a nap today while you slept but that did not happen! Hopefully tomorrow will be another great day for you!

You did ok with the shots yesterday. You screamed your head off after the shots and all afternoon unless someone was holding you. You had 3 in the leg and one liquid vaccine in the mouth. Thankfully at 9pm our neighbors had some infant Tylenol and we used it on you. Soon after you were calm and asleep by 10. You did much better than I thought last night given how uncomfortable you were!

I can hardly believe you are still sleeping. You have been asleep for 3 hours now. This is so unlike you!

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