Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Busy Boy!

As I have mentioned before, you are NOT a lover of naps. I think you get this from your father. The weird thing is, when Daddy is home, you take decent naps. I wish you would do this all the time. I think you just want to hang out with me so you don't sleep for me!

You are almost 9 months old and I can't believe how fast time is going. You are a lot of fun! I call you Wiggles because you won't sit still. When I try to change your diaper, you try to roll over. It is almost impossible!

You are sitting up on your own now and it is fabulous! I can do something while you are on the floor playing. You have also discovered that sitting up in the bath and splashing is SO much fun!

You are trying so hard to crawl. You look like you are swimming! You get very mad that you can't do it, so you start crying. You eventually just roll where you want to go.

 You are working on getting on all 4s!

You are trying to talk. We are pretty sure you are saying Nana and the other night, clear as day you said Dada when Daddy was feeding you. I am not sure why you have not said Mama since I am always with you! We will keep working on that!

You have 4 teeth and two more are showing through your top gums. You are not a happy boy when you are teething. To top it off, you have had a bad cold for two weeks now. I think it is finally getting out of your system. You have had lots of green snot and you absolutely HATE having it sucked out of your nose. You also hate having your nose or face wiped.

I love seeing how you are learning new things. You are fascinated by the simplest things. This morning you loved playing with a nail file and a hair pic! You laugh at a lot of things I do and it is the BEST sound I have ever heard. You are incredibly ticklish which is also fun!

You have been developing separation anxiety with me. When you see me and I am not holding you, you get very mad. It breaks my heart. Thankfully you are in good hands when I have to go somewhere. Your Nana and Aunt Noelle take very good care of you! You are so lucky to have so many people that love and adore you!

We have been busy with the house up for sale. We also had the other house picked out but unfortunately that is not going to be our new house. Hopefully we will find something even better!

You are so loved sweet boy. I hope you always stay as happy and sweet as you are now!

I need to update this more. You just need to start napping better!

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