Monday, October 22, 2012

30 Minutes

We are on the third full day of trying to get you to nap in your crib. It is so hard! I cant bear to listen to you cry so I have rocked you to sleep every time. So far you have napped in your crib exactly 30 minutes each time. Like clockwork. 30 minutes exactly. Its like you know you should wake up. All the books I am reading say not to rock you. I am supposed to put you in the crib sleepy so you can learn to soothe yourself. This does not work well. You scream. You scream as if someone is hurting you.

You are currently asleep in your crib now. I am trying to follow the method that says you get picked up when you cry, when you are calm you go back down. This can happen up to over 100 times the book says. I dont talk to you, I say shhhh or sing to you. A few minutes ago I put you back in the crib wide awake and sang to you and rubbed your head. I also took the mobile out. In the day you love it and get this huge smile on your face. When it is dark in your room, I think it scares you. After all that,  you fell asleep. So far you have been asleep for 20 minutes. Let's see how long you go.

I feel like your sleeper you have been in is like a Sleep Number Bed and now going to the crib is like sleeping on a rock. You are not a fan of swaddling. You want your arms to be free.

I know you need to start sleeping in your crib at night but I am doing this one step at a time. You are already growing up way too fast.

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