Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm Sorry

Oh Baby Boy, I love you so much but this transition to the crib is SO hard. Crazy hard. I have been rocking you to sleep but all the books say not to do that. You need to learn to self soothe. After much debate (with myself) and endless tries of putting you in the crib only for you to wake up the second your head hits the mattress, I decided to let you cry. You have no idea how hard this is for me. You scream, you wail, you sound like someone is cutting off your leg. I gave myself a time limit. You could cry for 30 minutes. That is it. Well, after 28 minutes, you fell asleep for your exact 30 minute nap you tend to take. For your evening nap, I decided I was going to try it again. 22 minutes of crying and now you are asleep. I really hope this continues and that you don't grow to not trust me. I just want you to get some sleep. You sleep so little compared to other babies and I worry about you. One really funny thing is Mickey will not leave your side when you are crying. He goes into your room and lays next to the crib. When I try and get him out, he won't budge. Although he is insanely jealous of you, he loves you! I am sure you will be buddies when you are older.

On another note, yesterday was your first Halloween!  You had several outfits on during the day because of two reasons. 1) You had a lot of cute things and 2) You kept puking. Here is a round up of the outfits.

#1: It's the cutest Monster outfit. There is even a monster on the bottom :)

 #2: A Tigger onesie, complete with hat and Tigger slippers. It's not a Halloween costume, but I thought it would be a good choice. You eventually puked on this outfit as well.

#3: A Buzz Lightyear onesie. Grandpa and Grandma got this for you at Disneyland. We always say Daddy looks like Buzz Lightyear so this outfit is perfect! So cute!

#4:  Your REAL Halloween costume. A giraffe! Daddy bought this for you. I loved that it had a tail and that the hat fit your head! You were not too fond of it. I bet it was really hot!

We went to dinner with Nana and Papa and then they came over and hung out with you. Daddy and I only took you to 2 houses. After all, we do not need the candy! We look forward to next year when you will be walking and we can go to more houses! Papa fed you, which is so nice! He kisses you all the time. So does Nana! You are so loved sweet boy!

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