Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost 5 months!

I can't believe you will be 5 months old on Monday. Where is the time going? You are so much fun and you bring so much happiness into my life. You smile all the time, you get so excited to see me when I get you up from sleeping or change your diaper. I love you so much!

You are learning new things. You hold your head up like a pro, you started rolling from your back to your tummy. You take naps in your crib but have decided you are a side sleeper, and lately-a tummy sleeper like your mommy!  You had only been taking 30 minute naps but some people said that is the sleep cycle for your age and if I let you cry when you wake up, you would go back to sleep. You know what? You have been!  This morning you have taken great naps! You have woken up after 30-45 minutes, but I let you scream (Im sorry) and you pass back out. It has allowed me to get things done and I really appreciate it!

You are obsessed with your first two fingers on your left hand. You suck on them before you go to sleep. You also found your thumb and I think you are pretty impressed with yourself. You also try and suck your thumb when you are eating your bottle. Silly boy!

You are growing more and more every day and it makes me sad every time I have to pack away your clothes that no longer fit. Stop growing up so fast sweet boy! You are my first and last baby and I want you to stay small forever. Thinking about you not wanting to snuggle and hold my finger as you eat anymore makes your Momma very sad.

I have only put you in your crib at night one time on Daddy's birthday. You lasted 4.5 hours which is good. I put you back down after you woke up to eat, but you were not having it. If you were on the same floor, I might be ok with it, but you aren't and I feel so far away from you. You are sick again and stuffy, so I have left you in the sleeper these past few nights.

This week was also the first time I was away from you at night. Daddy has been on trips before but this was my first time without you. You stayed overnight at Aunt Noelle's house and her and Nana took very good care of you. So good that you were not excited to see me at all. I think you knew we went to Disneyland without you. I am sorry we did that, but you are too little to remember it :) When you get older we will make sure to take you. We should get Nana and Papa to come too so they can be there for your first Disney experience!

You love laying under the tree and looking at the lights and ornaments. Last night you decided you wanted to eat the presents and continuously put the ribbons in your mouth. You had a lot of fun!  I have so many Christmas outfits for you, and since this is the only time you can wear them, I am putting you in one as much as possible. You have a Santa's Little Helper outfit but my favorite is this one:

Im trying to upload more pictures of you but this website is telling me I am out of photo storage. Guess I should go look into this.

Please continue to sleep as good as you have today. Mommy will then be able to update this without a month going by!

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