Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe 2012 has come and gone. It was a good and crazy year filled with lots of memories, and of course, your birth!  You are almost 6 months and I am taking in every single second I can with you. Time is fleeting and I am going to miss these days. You are adorable, so much fun and the sunshine in my days. I love you so much! I can't get over how cute you are. Maybe I am biased since I am your mom, but I don't think so since people stop and tell me how adorable you are all the time! Even your brother Torrin has started saying you are the cutest baby he has ever seen!

You are doing great in your crib! It was a very hard transition for both you and me, but you have the hang of it and are taking better naps, and sleeping better at night!  On December 30th you slept from 7:30-6:30. It would have been glorious if your brother Torrin had not gotten up at 2 am that night complaining of something in his eye!

Yesterday was New Years Eve and we only had you because your brothers were with their mom. Nana and Papa said they would watch you so Daddy and I could go to a movie. We went to see This is 40 and I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I so needed that!  After the movie we called Nana and Papa to see how you were, and they told us you had been crying. I heard you screaming in the background so we decided to come get you. You were not happy and you made Nana very sad! Its so hard not knowing what is wrong with you since you can't talk and tell us what is wrong. I'm assuming it was your tooth since that is something that has been bugging you for awhile. Your bottom right tooth is coming in and you are drooling and chomping on everything!  I felt your tooth and saw the top of it on December 23rd. If you take medicine you go back to being your happy little self, but until then you scream at the top of your lungs!

After we picked you up from Nana and Papa's, Daddy and I went to dinner with you. Thankfully you were all smiles and very well behaved. I never know how dinner out is going to go with you, but it all worked out. You really wanted Mommy's drink! Here are some pictures from last night:

You wanted to order off the menu!

This picture makes me laugh.

Our last picture of 2012!

When we came home, Daddy gave you a bath and read you a story. You went right to sleep and made it all the way to 4 am. I fed you 4 ounces and you went back to sleep until 8:15!  I worry that you are not on a strict schedule but you do eat every 4 hours and generally wake up and eat at the same time every day so I guess that is good. 

Before New Years Eve was your first Christmas! You are not sitting up yet so we held you and you watched us open your presents. I think you were confused!  I will write more about that soon! I love you baby boy! I look forward to 2013 with you!

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