Tuesday, February 26, 2013

7 Months

Once upon a time, I had endless amounts of free time. For some reason I thought this would continue after you arrived. I thought you would nap for hours (people say babies sleep ALL the time. Apparently, they were lying.) When you do nap, there are endless amounts of things to do. Especially since we are about to put our house up for sale. Also, your brothers, this house, and your Dad keep me very busy! I thought I would be able to write on this blog every day, or at least a few times a week. Here we are, almost 2 months since my last entry. Ugh! Thankfully I am able to write things down on my iPhone that you do. I record what new foods you eat, the cute things you do and the milestones you achieve.

So here we are, it being almost March. This means that you are almost 8 months old. Seriously, I can't believe how much you have grown and how fast time is going by. It seems like I was just pregnant with you but now you are a big, happy boy who brings so many smiles to those you come in contact with. So many people love you! Strangers stop me and tell me how handsome you are and how they love your big blue eyes. You truly are adorable!

The past few nights you have slept 11-12 hours straight. I am SO thankful for this as you have only done this a handful of times in your short life. It is making Mommy feel more human again. I really hope this is the start of a consistent pattern! You are sleeping in your crib and you are doing pretty well with your naps. You usually take a decent morning nap, a short afternoon nap, and then a longer afternoon nap. In the next few months you will be down to two naps which will hopefully be two really good ones!

You enjoy oatmeal and peaches. You sometimes like sweet potatoes, but other than that, you are not really digging anything. I am worried you inherited my eating habits. When you don't want something, you turn your head, seal your lips, and sometimes you even smack the spoon away! You are stubborn like both of your parents. I need to get you back on the veggies but I am worried how you will respond to them. You threw up peas ALL day the last time you had them. You seemed ok with carrots but then you screamed for 2 days and broke out in a rash around your mouth. You are one confusing little boy!

You are trying to sit up on your own and you can do it for a little while before you fall over. You are also in the beginning stages of crawling. You lay on your tummy and kick your legs. I really do not want you to start crawling yet, but I know it is bound to happen soon. I would appreciate it if you stop growing up. Please.

I love how excited you get when you see me. When I go to get you from the crib, you give me that big smile with those two bottom teeth. It makes everything all better. Your top two teeth are coming through which is making you crabby, but I understand how that must be painful. Your hair is all sorts of crazy. Daddy has been giving you mohawks which is ridiculously adorable.

I am finding it very hard to continuously entertain you. You love your saucer, but I worry you are in it far too much. The funny thing is, you act as if it is something you have never seen before. You are fascinated with all the gadgets. You really love getting the blue tray, chewing on it, then throwing it across the room. You love your activity gym and you SCREAM at the sight of the light up star. A happy scream-as if you are just seeing it for the first time. You make me laugh!

You are a sweet baby boy and I love seeing how your personality is developing!

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