Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Mother's Day

This time last year, we were heading back from your Aunt Megan's wedding. I was very large! This Mother's Day you are here, 10 months old already and such a sweet little guy.

The morning started with Daddy coming in with your brothers and you. You were holding a card (so cute) and your brothers had got me breakfast in bed. It was McDonald's hot cakes, sausage and OJ on a cookie sheet. Camden told me it was his idea and then he brought me the paper. It was a nice morning! Daddy took care of you almost the entire day which I appreciated. I got to go out alone for 90 minutes which was also very much appreciated. Its not that I did not want to be with you-Mommy just needs some alone time every now and then. Your schedule was all off-you took three naps yesterday!

We met Nana and Papa for dinner at my favorite place-the Outback. Man, do you love your Nana! I think she is crazy about you as well.

It was a nice first Mother's Day!

On to another topic-you are now 10 months old. How did that happen?! Here are some pictures from Friday.

You get confused when I bring out the giant Mickey Mouse. You bit his foot and played with his nose. I need to get you a bigger size onesie so I can take your 11 and 12 month pictures in a white shirt. This one is getting too tight!

Your top right tooth finally broke through so I think you are feeling a little better. You hate teething-so does Mommy. You get so snotty and are very unhappy. I took you to the doctor because I was sure you had a sinus infection. They said it was just a cold. I bet they think I am one paranoid Mommy!

You are awake from your nap so I am signing off. In fact you are in your crib, on all 4s, rocking back and forth trying to crawl. You little stinker!

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