Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Really, where does the time go?

Several people have asked me if I still have my blog. Uh, I still have two links to the two blogs but have I written on here in almost 8 months-uh no. I am ashamed to admit that but with three boys, a husband, a crazy dog and life in general, things are pretty busy. I had lofty dreams of spending days writing on here about your crazy antics, the cute things you do and say and how quickly you are changing before my very eyes. Obviously that has not happened. Fortunately, I have over a million (I have not counted but I am sure it is close to that) pictures of you. I write down all the words you say (not actually write, but type them into my phone). Daddy asked when I was going to stop doing that but I can't seem to stop. I thought for sure I was going to be one of those moms who kept your baby book/scrapbook up to date. The mom who was going to have your room be super cute with awesome decorations. The mom who was able to shower every morning and not be in sweat pants. Granted, I have not been in sweat pants all that much, but yoga pants and I are best friends. I refer to them as leggings because if I call them yoga pants, I should probably be doing yoga while wearing them. I do not need one more thing to feel guilty about. Today at my doctors appointment I mentioned how busy things have been, how we recently moved and how there is so much to get done around the house. The doctor asked, "Oh, so you just moved?" Well, no. Not exactly. We moved in July. The basement is in shambles, I have piles of junk everywhere and it certainly does not feel like a home. I watch home improvement shows and drool over Pottery Barn catalogs wishing and hoping that some day our house will look like that. I am snapped out of that dream by you riding on your "Car car", banging into the kitchen table while saying BOOM and laughing. Another day, another dent in our table.

You are a few days away from being 18 months old. I was always annoyed with people who would say how old their child was in months after they had turned a year. I would think WHY don't they just say he/she is one? Now that I have a biological child of my own, I am starting to believe it is because as a parent, you realize just how fast time goes (although some days it seems painfully slow.) As a parent, you want your baby to be a baby as long as possible and perhaps saying how old you are in months makes me hold on to the idea that you are still a baby although you are referred to as a "toddler." Although I adore the person you are becoming, I do miss how little you were a year ago. Several people have told me that at every stage of your child's life you will think that is the BEST stage of their life….until you get to the next stage and you will think THAT is the best stage. Perhaps that is true. You make us laugh every day and for a little guy, you have a BIG personality. You have the funniest expressions and your pure excitement over the littlest things make us smile. For example, when we ask you if you want to take a bath. We do this EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Every time it is like we just said you won 10 million dollars (not that that would mean anything to you). You get SO excited. You kick your feet, wave your arms, get a huge smile on your face and say Bath Time! Bath Time! You react this way to many things and I am so grateful for this. As you will soon learn, your mommy does not get excited about too many things (if anything at all). While I am thankful and feel incredibly blessed with everything in my life, excitement is not one of my personality traits. It drives Daddy crazy. I have been telling him that your excitement should cover both of us. I hope you never lose that trait.

So much has happened in the almost 8 months since I last wrote on this blog. We moved, you turned one and we had a big birthday party in our backyard for you. You were not too interested in having so many people look at you. As I said before, you say a lot of words. I think you are pretty smart and when I took you to the doctor two weeks ago, she mentioned how smart she thought you are. You do not walk yet and you love to sit with your legs in a W. This is not good for you so we have to see a specialist this month. I can't imagine you walking but I am sure it will happen soon enough. You are putting words together. On New Years Day I came into your room and you said Hi Mommy! You also say Up Please, No deer (when there are no deer outside), Ride in car car, get down, etc. You LOVE your brothers. When we took them to school yesterday and they got out of the car, you yelled Brothers?! Brothers?! When they are downstairs you stand at the gate and yell "Guys?!" Guuuuyyyyyssssss?"  You make everything you can hold into a phone and you always say "Hi Papa!" Every time the door bell rings or Mickey barks, you get so excited and yell NANA! I have to tell you it is not Nana and you look at me and ask "No Nana?!" I am glad you love them all so much. You have started whispering which we find funny. Normally whispering drives me crazy but you are so funny when you talk that way. You are obsessed with the moon. You think the reflection of the lights on the window is the moon and in the car you bang on the window and say moon, moon moon over and over. The one thing that we find hilarious (not the only thing) is you LOVE french fries. You call them bye byes. I should correct you but it is just too darn adorable. It has become a problem though because as soon as we get in the car you ask for "bye byes." When we get Daddy's dry cleaning, we go through the drive thru. You yell bye byes because you think we are at a fast food drive through. You get very mad when french fries are not given to you. You are stubborn like your parents. You are crazy like your brothers. You are so funny and simply adorable.

I hope this new year brings us lots of happy memories and good times with each other and our family. We all love you so much and since I can't stop time, I will try and enjoy every second with you-exhausting as it may be. I love you little man.

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