Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Days in a Row

Wow! I am writing for the second time in two days. Just a quick post to document what you started doing last night and today. You say Ew when you see/feel something you do not like. Tonight in the bathtub some of the caulk was coming off the wall and you said EW. At dinner last night there was a hole in the table and you said EW.

Today felt incredibly long. After your nap I took you to the dollar store and as soon as we got in there you said "I'm done. Ride in car car." (Your way of telling me you are not into it at all!) I was going nuts  so I took you over to Nana and Papa's house and we played then had dinner. You are all about them and as soon as we got in the car to go home, you called their names over and over. I love that you say Nana Papa? Papa Nana? Nana Papa? After I repeatedly told you that they were at their house you started asking for the moon. In the short 3 mile drive I think you asked for the moon over 75 times-easily.

Daddy is still in California and you keep looking for him. I am hoping you sleep all night. Last night you were up three times. :(

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