Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Latest

You finished your antibiotics this past weekend and they did nothing for you. I called the doctor's office yesterday and after speaking to a nurse, they said they wanted to see you again. I had to wake you up from your nap (something I HATE doing) to go see a nurse. They said it was just a bad cold, you had some fluid behind your ears and your gums were swollen. I have been wondering if it could be your teeth since you are drooling a ton, are super cranky and you keep gnawing on your fingers. It feels like we have been waiting for the 2 year molars to come in for over a year. The nurse said to give you Motrin every 6 hours to see if it helped you. I did this today and you seemed SO much happier. You are talking in even bigger sentences and you have a LOT to say. You make me laugh.

Every night when I put you to bed, you go through your memory bank and spew off everything you can think of. Your memory is AMAZING. I love listening to you talk and I love when you want to snuggle, but man oh man you have a way of stalling and it is so hard to say no to you. You have gotten into a long routine before bed that is a little ridiculous but it is super cute. You have to turn your humidifier on, your heater on and you have to switch the color on your night light no less than 20 times. Tonight it was dark in your room, we were in the rocking chair and you told me I needed to read you another book. I said we had already read 3 books and it was time to go to sleep. You got off my lap, pulled more books off the shelf and went by your night light to "read" them. These past few days you have been looking at books, pointing to the words and saying ABC. You also have some pages memorized in certain books and it is really cute. You love a book called "Airport." It talks about the waiting room, planes going up in the air, etc. I love when you get to the page that says "Buckle your seat belts the flight attendant says." You say buckle belts. Here is a picture of you "reading" it. So sorry to interrupt you!

Today you pointed to Daddy's arm and said Tattoos! While we were upstairs you pointed to my arm and said what I thought was a bad word. You were trying to say freckles. I can't get over how smart you are and how many words you know.

On Friday you started a new class called "Giggle Time." Daddy came with us and you were SO excited when you saw all the things you could play with. You have a hard time listening and you really want to do your own thing. I hope this changes as you get older. I don't want another naughty little boy in our family! Mama's heart can't handle it. Nana surprised us by coming to the class too! Here are some pictures:

You are so lucky she lives so close and can spend so much time with her. You love her so much and she is crazy about you too! Last night you told me that you watched Nana drive away on the bench and she waved. You also adore your Papa. I love that you plug your nose when I change your diaper and you say "Papa says P.U." I also love that you want part of the vacuum to use as "Papa's cane."

I really hope the Motrin helps and that your teeth come in soon. I need my sweet, non cranky little boy to stick around. Today was a really good day so I hope that continues!

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