Thursday, May 29, 2014

Month 23

How is it that you are 22 months old and I am trying to plan your 2nd birthday party? Wasn't I just feeling you have the hiccups in my belly? Time sure does fly. I know I say that all the time, but it does. Although I hate when you have your tantrums (which is quite often) I do love the age you are at now. You say full sentences and talk a ton. Your memory is amazing and I love asking you questions and having you answer. You have developed such a fun and expressive personality and we love it!

You are still obsessed with Monsters Inc. and you always ask to "watch hockey?" When I say no, you ask "Sully? Sully too?" (the other character in the movie). It is so cute. Daddy got you a Mike Wasowski and Sully doll and you sleep with them every night. You have also been bringing them down every morning and sitting with them on the couch:

As you can see, you are still on the bottle. I said I would have you off of it by the time you were 18 months. Well, that has not happened. I also give into you wanting to watch TV even though you are not supposed to. I do have to say that you only watch the baby channel (except for "hockey").  I am trying really hard not to give into your tantrums and you screaming for what you want. You have decided to suddenly crave chocolate milk when you had no interest in it before. You ask for it in the cutest way (chocolate meeaaalkk?) but I don't give in to you that often. I also swore I would never spank you but after you scream and kick every time I try and change your diaper, one day I patted you on the bottom. You cried and cried. I told you I love you and I am sorry I did that but you need to not throw a fit when you aren't getting your way. 

You have been waking up every night that Daddy is out of town. I swear he must think I lie about how you are when he is gone. You take great naps when he is home and you sleep all night. I did feel your teeth in the back and it feels like the top 2 year molars are starting to break through. I can't imagine that is comfortable. 

You talk a ton and you are still insanely attached to me. Your teacher at your Giggle Time class told me it is time to let you be at "school" two days a week. She said you are ready and you will be fine. It kills me to think of leaving you somewhere but you need it and so do I. I have yet to make the call but I need to. 

You are still full of energy and you are so silly. You are a little sponge and you repeat things and talk like a little man. The other day you said "best part of my day was pizza." You always want to see Nana and Papa and it is so funny how excited you get when they come through the door. 

Lately you have been asking to "go potty." You point to the bathroom too. Even when we are out at restaurants you ask to go and you point to the bathroom. Daddy and I tried putting you on the toilet last week:

Although the idea of it seemed cool, you were not having it. As soon as we put you down, you got in the tub and peed. Tonight you asked me to go potty a few times. You actually sat on the seat and held the handles but you did not pee. At least you are getting exposed to it! 

You are interested in everything you see. You ask This? when you don't know what something is. You LOVE books and always say, "I sit on your lap. You read book." You seem to know most of your colors and you like to "read" the books to me. 

I think I mentioned it before, but you will not let Daddy put you to bed. I have been putting you to bed and somehow you got into a LONG routine. You get your bath, we read stories and then you insist on changing the colors on your night light a million times. 

You want to touch the fan (no idea why you like that) and then you want me to kiss you through the rails on your crib at one end. After that, you say "this way" and kiss me through the rails on the front of your crib. Lately you have wanted a TON of animals in your bed and you have asked me to kiss all of them. I have been rubbing your back so you say "rub back?" I rub your back and then you have requested I rub the animals backs. As time consuming as this routine is, I try to remember you are only little once and I will miss these days. 

Oh, another side note: your hair was driving me nuts so we decided to shave it. You looked like a different kid:

You fell a few days before so that is why you have a mark on your nose. You look like a big boy!

I could write a lot more but I need to go to bed. I hope you sleep all night!

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