Monday, March 5, 2012

18 weeks

Almost a month has passed and I am so behind on this blog. So much has happened, I am not sure where to begin!

About a week before we were to go to Daddy's grandma's 90th birthday party in New Mexico, we were having lunch at Arby's (yum) talking about how it would be great to be able to tell people if we were having a girl or a boy. I said a month seemed so far away, (we were not supposed to know until March 15th!) so Daddy got to work and found a 4D Ultrasound place. He called and they said they could either see me that night at 8 PM up in Westminster or at 7 AM the next day in the Tech Center. We picked the Tech Center since 8 seemed late and the distance was too far since we had your brothers.  The more we talked about it, the more 7AM on a Saturday seemed more difficult-plus I don't think I would have slept that night. I called them back and asked to switch to that night. 

I could barely eat that night at dinner, and then the wait seemed to go on for a long time. We got your brothers dressed in their jammies and off we went. I was so nervous. As we were driving, I had a nagging feeling that I misunderstood the time. Their website said the last appointment was at 5 PM so I wondered why they scheduled us at 8 PM on a Friday night. I didn't want us to drive all the way up there to find out it was closed. I also wondered if it was a legit operation or some creepy dude doing them out of the back of the van. I called and they said they started later in the day so they decided to do a later appointment. We continued on our way.

In the weeks prior to the appointment, I started to be convinced you were a girl. All the wive's tales pointed to girl. The heart rate pointed to girl. The massive teenage like acne all over my face pointed to girl.  I am not going to lie and say I did not want a girl, because I did. This does not mean I will love you any less. It is just the dream of having a girl would be over. No dresses, bows, flowers, mom/daughter connection. Plus we already have your two brothers and a male dog :) 

We arrived at the ultrasound place which was in the same building as a bank. Much better than the van I was expecting. We had to be let in since it was after hours. We went into the office and sat in the waiting room. A large family came out as we were sitting there. I wondered what they were having. Finally it was our turn.  I am thinking I need to stop wearing that shirt so much. It is in a lot of pictures!

Your brothers waiting for it to begin..

Ready to go...

Try and resist how hot my stomach looks...

The ultrasound began and the guy went between the 2D and the 4D screens. He referred to you as she but you were being shy. You need to get over this because I love taking pictures!

This went on for awhile and then you showed us you are a boy-you mooned us!

I told the guy to check again but he said he has never been wrong. I told him to check. He said you are definitely a boy! After we found out, you gave us a thumbs up!

You seem to be healthy so that is good! We will get to see you again on March 15th. I will be curious to see how you have grown!

The day after we found out, Uncle Johnny and your cousins Tyler and Mikaya came over and brought you an outfit!

The other day Daddy, Camden and Torrin came home with three new outfits!

Torrin's favorite color is green so he picked this out for you:

 This one is from Daddy:

This one is from Camden:

Yesterday was your cousin Justin's birthday party. Aunt Denise brought you these two cute outfits! Your 14 year old cousin Ethan said he would wear the plaid outfit if it came in his size!

You will love your Auntie. She is fabulous!

Daddy and I looked at bedding and I think we have made a decision. Not sure though!  I am torn between several ideas!

I finally got around to taking a picture of what I look like at 18 weeks.

Tomorrow is 19 weeks. Time is flying by. I wish I could feel you move. I see you move on ultrasounds but so far, I do not feel anything. Start moving! 

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