Thursday, March 8, 2012

19 Weeks

I am at the Chevy dealership waiting on the car to get an oil change. I have a feeling your Dad is going to make you love it here in the future....

You are 19 weeks already! I am so glad you have stopped making me go to the bathroom all the time and feeling sick to my stomach. You are a good kid for stopping that, so thank you. Now you have moved on to making my nose bleed every day, constant congestion and cramping, but compared to being queasy that is nothing! I would appreciate it if you stopped making me break out like I am a 14 year old. Please and thank you.

I have not taken a picture this week and I am starting to wonder if I should just stick to a picture every month. You don't change my belly that much in a week so maybe I will go monthly now until the end. Maybe when you are 10 I will get around to making the book I planned to make of my pregnancy.

I don't think I mentioned this before but last week I decided to head to Babies R Us to check out bedding for your room.  I have always admired the front parking for "Expectant Mothers" and I finally got to park in one of those spots (I am a rule follower so I would never have parked there when I was not pregnant). As I was feeling all cool pulling into one of those spots, I hit the parked car next to me. My first thought was Daddy might not be too happy with me. A woman was sitting in her car in front of me so I knew I had to do something. I would have anyway, but with someone watching I really had to do something. I called Daddy and thankfully he was down the road and was able to come over and check it out. As we were about to leave a note, the owner of that car, her son and her mom came out of the store. I told her what happened and she was not happy. I understand it is an inconvenience but she was snippy. Daddy said it could be buffed out and if she would follow him to the detail center down the road, it would be taken care of. She asked if the guy could come to the parking lot since she did not have a lot of time and "was not from around here." When I asked her where she lived, I thought she was going to say Pueblo, or Colorado Springs, or someplace far with the way she was acting. Well, she told us she lives in Castle Rock. Oh so far distance of 15 minutes from where we were. Really woman? I get pregnancy hormones can make you crazy, but delusional is another issue. Thankfully Daddy took care of it and all was well with her car. Our car is another story. I guess the whole bra will need to be replaced. I don't think most people would even notice it, but Daddy notices everything about a car so it will get fixed in the future. I am just happy I did not have to deal with the cranky traveler all the way from Castle Rock. I wonder if Denver is a weekend excursion for her, or something they put on the calendar months in advance. I am being a brat, but she irked me. If someone hit our car I would be understanding. Daddy said she was much better at the detail place so that is good.

On a completely random note, I would just like to say I love maternity clothes. All tops should be this long and all pants should have an expandable waist band. Seriously. I went looking at clothes at Old Navy yesterday because I am in love with the jeans I bought online from there. Their selection in the store was lame. Almost everything was an extra small. WHO wears extra small when they are pregnant? Seriously?! That is just mean. Mean, mean, mean.

I have not felt you move yet and it is bothering me. It is supposed to start happening soon, but so far, nothing. You move when you are on the screen but I want to feel you moving. My friends who have kids said I probably have felt you, I just don't know it. I hear it feels like popcorn popping, or butterflies. I have felt neither of those sensations. So please, bust a move would you? Thanks.

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