Monday, February 24, 2014

The Things You Do

I only have a few minutes to write but I wanted to write down some things you have been doing lately. You are seriously entertaining (exhausting but entertaining) and you keep us all laughing. Because you had not been walking yet, you are still in physical therapy every Monday. Your therapist is Barbara and she keeps saying how sweet you are and that your "vocabulary is unbelievable." You do talk a lot and you say the funniest things. Here are some of the latest things you say and do:

  • When we ask you where your brothers are you say "Camden, Torrin at school. With backpacks." 
  • You constantly tell me that your teeth hurt. You say, "Mama, teeth hurt."
  • Today when I asked you if you wanted more to eat you said, "No thank you!"
  • You are always climbing on me and giving me hugs. I love that you put your head on my shoulder and pat my back. 
  • At bedtime I ask you for a kiss. You tell me "this way" and go to the end of your crib. Sometimes you will give me your mouth to kiss but other times it is just your forehead. The other night I said kiss mommy's lips and for some reason you think a fist is lips. Now you make a fist and say Kiss Lips? 
  • You were constantly saying Abu Dhabi. We finally figured out you mean BMW. Now you are starting to say Mmmmmm W. 
  • Today you were in the big chair and I was in the kitchen. You peeked up above the cushion and said "I see you Mommy!"
  • You sometimes say "I so happy!"
  • You are a total parrot. You repeat everything we say. Today you said Oh Shoot and Oh Whoops! The other day you said sh*t after I said it. I need to watch my mouth! Nana taught you the word boobies and you think it is SO much fun to say!
  • You are walking around a lot more. You think you are pretty darn cool!
  • The other night Nana and Papa were over for dinner. We gave Papa his margarita and you said Booze! I try it! You always say "I try it" when you want to eat something or do something. 
  • When you see a picture of something you like in a book, you lick the book. Your latest favorite is the picture of the ice cream truck. You see the ice cream and say I try it, then lick the book. 
  • You are still obsessed with your Nana and Papa. As soon as we pull into our neighborhood you start calling for them.
  • You LOVE tractors lately. You play with them and when you see them you say Ooooooohhhh Tractors!
You are screaming for me in your crib. I need to go get you! 

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