Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You are Hilarious!

You are turning into such a funny little guy! I love seeing what you say and do. It seems like every day you are talking more, learning new things and continuing to develop that big personality. Strangers comment on how smart you are and how big your vocabulary is for only being 19 months old. When people ask you questions, you understand and you respond to them. Sometimes I have to translate but overall they understand your response as well. 

Last night we went to dinner with Nana and Papa. As I mentioned before, you LOVE them. You get so excited when I tell you we are going to see them or when they walk in the door. Lately, you have been referring to me as "Dani" which is understandable because Camden and Torrin call me Dani. You heard Nana call Papa "John" and last night you wanted his attention so you kept screaming JOHN over and over. Nana and I found this to be pretty entertaining. Yesterday you said peek a boo for the first time. You have been playing peek a boo for a long time but last night at dinner you said it! You think some words are hysterical-like dune buggy and especially "boobies."

Lately you have been coming up to me, putting up your arms and saying "Hold ya Mama?" I pick you up, you put your head on my shoulder and pat my back. I love these little moments with you and I am hoping time slows down a little bit. You are growing up way too fast. 

The other morning you had your first bloody nose. I felt so bad for you. It was all over your face and on your blankies. I said Oh no! You are bleeding! All day long you would tell me, "I'm bleeding." You take in everything and you really love to repeat things. Also, it amazes me and those around you how you remember things. For example, a few days ago you would not nap for me and you were a challenge. I wound up crying and every day now you tell people "Mommy was crying." Anytime Mickey barks, you said, "Mickey barking. He sad." I also love that you are trying SO hard to count. Every time you try it is always 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10….then it starts all over again. 

The other day (March 3rd) you heard me making a phone call. The person on the phone asked my name and I said "Danielle Forrest." You kept walking around the house saying Danielle Forrest. I think I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE when you put your palms up, shrug your shoulders and ask WHAT HAPPENED?! You have been following it up with "I broke it." You dumped your entire bin of cars the other day, got up, walked around for a little bit, came back and saw all the toys on the floor. You looked at me, said "Ut Oh! What happened?!" 

You have to have two of everything. Especially blankies. You tell me you need two of them. You have also started doing things and saying "I help you!" I call you honey sometimes and you repeat it and say Oh honey! 

I think the best moment from this past week was on February 25th. I put you in your crib, said goodnight and that I loved you. You said Mama? I responded Yes? and then you said Love You. SO cute. 

Although you cause me to cry (only because I feel like I am completely failing as a parent) I love you so much. You make us all laugh and we just adore you. You are such a cute and smart little boy!!

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