Monday, March 24, 2014

I am a sucker!

You are only 20 months old and you already know how to get me to give in to you. Daddy usually puts you to bed but he has been traveling so I have been doing it as well. In the past when you were fussy, I would tell you we were going to snuggle. I would hold you in your chair, we would rock and I would sing you a song. Being that you are a parrot (repeating everything you hear) you have started asking me to rock you. When I go to put you in your crib you ask "We snuggle?" I give in because it is adorable how you say snuggle and I know you are not always going to be this attached to me. When I tell you it is time to go to your crib you ask me for a song. You have started saying "Tinkle Tinkle Star." So. Darn. Cute. Tonight you put the palm of your hand on my face and said "I love you." It melts my heart but man am I in trouble.

You have started screaming very loudly in public places. Tantrums are a regular occurrence and you get very mad when you don't get your way. When I tell you have to do something you often tell me, "Don't want to!" At Target we told you that you could walk but you had to hold our hand. You refused to do that for more than 2 seconds so we put you back in the cart. I never thought I would be THAT parent. The one who had a child who was having a major meltdown in a store. I am officially that parent.

We are still amazed at your vocabulary and all the funny things you say. Your memory of past events is amazing. Every single night you talk to me about the "axdent" (accident) that Nana and Papa had in their car at our house. You tell me Papa's car went boom, that it was stuck in the rocks, that the car got a boo boo, that Vinnie had to come "fix." It is amazing how much you remember.

Our kitchen is in the process of being remodeled and the first time you saw it with nothing in it you stopped, said ut oh and asked me "What happened?!" When your Daddy came back from his business trip you took him into the kitchen and you asked him "what happened?!"

You constantly call for your Nana and Papa. You adore them and they think you are pretty funny. You love Papa's cane. When he is not around you say, "Shhhhh, Papa is sleepin." You ask for Nana all the time and when you do see her, you get ridiculously excited. I love seeing you with them. I am glad you love them so much!

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