Tuesday, March 11, 2014

20 Months

This morning as we were driving Camden and Torrin to school, you said "Bye brothers! See ya!" It made us all laugh. Then today I was cleaning and you grabbed the mop and said, "I help you Mama." I absolutely LOVE that you come up to me, put your arms up and say Hold Ya? Or Hold Mama? Very sweet.

Yesterday you were 20 months old. 19 Months did not sound too old, but 20 months sounds WAY too close to 2 years old. How is it possible that you have been in this world for 20 months? As trying as you can be (usually only to me) you make me laugh and I love you so much! You were in desperate need of a haircut and thankfully you allowed Nana to hold you while you got it cut yesterday. You were not too happy but at least having Nana there made it all better. Here are some before and after pics:

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