Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Wasn't Finished….

You have a tendency to need something when I sit down to write this so I did not get to finish the last entry.

Lately you have started saying things are "too loud" and putting your hands over your ears. The hands over the ears are nothing new but you say "Too loud" and "Im scared" a lot. You used to love the vacuum but now you freak out and say Vacuum TOO LOUD. I feel bad for you!

Last night I sat with you before bed a little longer than I probably should have. You have been crying for me any time you go to bed and usually I don't give in, but last night I did. We sat in your chair and we snuggled for about 30 minutes. You kept talking to me, saying every word you could think of and you were trying so hard not to have to go to bed. I know you won't always want me as much as you do now so I sat with you and enjoyed every sweet moment of you wrapped in a blanket and saying "hold ya mama?"

You continue to amaze us every day with how smart you are and how it only takes you one time to learn most things. You keep bringing us books, telling us "read books" but then you take it from us and say "I do it." You opened the Goodnight Moon book the other day and you kept saying "Great green room telephone." I was amazed. I know you aren't actually reading it but the fact that your remember the first page is pretty impressive. 

You want me to play tractors with you so I suppose I need to listen. I love you so much!

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